Rupa the Acid Attack Victim is Now a Famous Entrepreneur

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In English, there is a proverb that fortune favors the brave, and in case of Rupa, it is misfortune favors the bravest. Rupa is the bravest hero or heroine for each one of us. Our personal and professional problems are nothing in front of the challenges that she overcome in her turbulent life.

It is no hidden secret that for whatsoever reasons the unfortunate cases of Acid Attacks appear in our daily newspapers and mainstream media day in and day out. Mostly, these victims are women, and perpetrators are males. But sadly enough, in Rupa’s case, it was her own step mother who poured acid on little Rupa in 2008 when she was hardly 15 years old.

This attack left Rupa shocked and riled for years together. However, like a true warrior she chose her path to success amidst so many burning challenges around her. For the first few days, Rupa had to deal with trauma and unbearable pain that left her in a rather state of delusion not knowing whether to live or die.

Rupa Sheds a Glimmer of Hope to All Humans

As stated earlier, Rupa was a gifted girl with all passions to do extraordinary things in life. A decade after that brutal attack, Rupa is now inspiring the masses with what she faced in her real life.

Rupa didn’t have a family that doubled up her pain in those days. Her kind-hearted uncle took care of Rupa. He bore all costs of treatment and surgery following Rupa’s acid attack. Initially, she was so much traumatized that she refused to go outside her home. However, her interactions with other acid attack victims in the following days opened her eyes, and reignited the lost passion inside her to do something exemplary in life.

A Turning Point in Rupa’s Life

In the subsequent days, Rupa wholeheartedly participated in Stop Acid Attack campaigns in her vicinity. Several NGOs convinced Rupa that she was a fighter and not a victim. NGOs and social organizations instilled a new wave of self belief and confidence inside Rupa that made her see new dreams once again in life.

Soon, Rupa wanted to achieve financial independence and was ready to take all the hardship for the same. She started a little shop of needle work and sewing.

Gradually, she realized her true potential in fashion designing. That’s it! Now sky was the limit for this little girl. Today, Rupa is a proud entrepreneur, and owner of Rupa Creations.

Her bouquet is located at the Sheroes Hangout at a caf© near Taj Mahal in Agra. Rupa Creations is being run by Rupa along with a few other female acid attack survivors. Rupa Creations has become an epitome of hope, fight and optimism for all distressed women having faced some sort of atrocities in their lives.

Hats Off! Rupa.

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