Reshma Qureshi: From an Acid Attack Survivor to a blogger, a model & an anti-acid campaigner

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Reshma Qureshi & Sunny Leone

Reshma Bano Qureshi is a 23 years old girl. She live with her parents, two brothers and two sisters. Her father is an taxi driver. She is the youngest and naughty child of her family. Presently she is an Indian model, a blogger, an anti acid campaigner, face of an NGO and an acid attack survivor.


On 19th May 2014, Reshma had gone to Mau Aima, 36kms from Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh, for her 10th standard exam. She was going with her sister, who had a bad marriage. Both of them were wearing burka. Reshma’s brother-in- law come with two other persons, he misunderstood Reshma with his wife and threw acid on her face and ran away. Firstly she think that it was hot water, but soon she realize that her eyes and nose were burning, she shouts for help, her sister and one guy come to help her and admitted her to hospital.

A few weeks later she went to home, and this was the first time she saw her face and went into depression and even contemplated suicide. Her brother helped her to get confidence back and told her to fight for her rights.

Then, Reshma met RIA SHARMA the founder of MAKE LOVE NOT SCAR. Ria transformed Reshma’s life and took her to of depression. RIA help Reshma to regain her courage and fight for her rights. It was then that Reshma stop covering her face in public. Nobody appreciated her effort for living. But she decided to give people a damn. There were many people who shudder her even now, but she don’t care. Even she telling other victims to apply makeup because everyone deserves it. Hopefully her efforts are giving strength to others.

She started writing blogs on beauty and makeup and won award for her beauty tips and Campaign. And then she participated in New York Fashion Week in September 2016. She walked on ramp with other models and say, “its take 2minutes to put blush on your face but, only 3sec to make scars”.Reshma’s dream of a movie of her life, where she want to be heroine, because she fits best in that role.

Reshma is an inspirational girl for whole country.

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