3 Keys to Guarantee Success Even When the Goal is New & Unfamiliar

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It can be scary to go after your big goals.

So scary that people have a tendency to pretend that they do not want anything that big or they keep it vague and on a pedestal instead of admitting fully what they want.

I have done this many times.

I refused to face up to the fact that I felt my goals were too big and too much for a little old meal so I persisted in running around like a headless chicken, pretending to play full out to get the goals but really just appearing busy while expecting never to reach the goal.

How did I change that?

By looking at what I have made happen that, once upon a time, seemed way out of reach and then it became my norm. I distilled out a few keys to guarantee success at any venture.

1. Get Clear

“ You have to be very clear and very specific about what you want.

It is easy to stay generic and broad with a goal because then you can claim to have reached it, if you even received a .0001% increase on your current situation.

For instance, the I want more money goal can be met by getting an extra dime.

Would that be enough? Is that what you really mean when you say you want to make more money.

Probably not! So, get specific. How much money do you want? What will that money be used for? People hardly ever want the big headliner goal “ They want what the goal will give them. So get specific about what you want your goal to give you.

I want a better relationship can look like.

I want someone who I can speak to every day without arguing all the time. I want someone who loves me and tells me regularly that they love me, I want someone that will go to the theatre with me and surprise me with weekend trips. I want someone who is also addicted to self-improvement and we enjoy going to conferences together.

Maybe, you dont even need an intimate relationship for what you really want but you only find that out when you allow yourself to get VERY clear on the goal beneath the goal.

2. Write Your Goal(s) Down Daily

If your goals, once clarified, are huge then writing them down once will not be enough to normalise it for you. And you have to normalise it, you have to get your brain/subconscious to believe that this big goal is the kind of thing that happens to you frequently.

And you do that by literally writing it down daily or even more frequently than once a day and while writing it down, get into the vibe of it. Be the person that receives it. Write down who you choose to be to receive the goal and the things you do as well.

See yourself receiving the goal.

I think of where I live now a few years ago, it would have felt way out of reach. But, after a period of time of deliberately writing down where I want to live and what it looks like, and the space within it and who I need to be in order to receive it; we now live in a great property that we would previously have thought was above us.

I cannot even imagine living where I was living just a few years ago that seems too small, too cramped and to be honest, beneath me. This current property is my norm and I already feel myself growing out of it as I write about my 7 bedroom mansion by the beach.

Ultimately, your goal needs to come down off its pedestal because while it is up there, you will continually expect not to be able to get it and so you will always get what you expect.

Writing your goals down daily will go a long way in proving to yourself that it is absolutely possible to reach the goal. Because you are being very deliberate about it, you normalise the goals faster than passively waiting to feel elevated.

3. Decide

This is KEY, the absolute key to making things happen. You must decide that you are definitely going to receive everything you want. You must decide that you are getting on what I call, the narrow path, and you are not getting off until you reach your vision.

In fact, you are going to be the person who ALWAYS walks the narrow path.

The narrow path is the path that most people do not get on, because it’s scary and requires them to keep showing up, playing full out to reach the goal.

Most people want things but they are also content to live without them. They tolerate a less than existence and even convince themselves that it is greedy and selfish to want it all. They expect not to get what they want. That is the broad path. Many people are stuck on that.

And then there are the mavericks who decide that they do want an elevated experience of life. They decide very clearly what they want and they make an internal decision that IT IS HAPPENING.

They then get on the narrow path and every day, act as someone who KNOWS that their vision is a reality. Even when they get knocked down, they are not knocked out.

They may weep and wail at the knock-backs for a while but their mind is SET on the goal and they are never ever giving up. They have DECIDED to get it and so they are going to get it.

They become their own guarantee of success.

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