Violence and Abuse against Women

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Violence against Women

Crime against women has been a bane of Indians development efforts. With arcane customs like sex, throwing acid, being a taboo in India, Sati and Dowry, and the overall lower status of women further exacerbates these crimes. Women experience violence in many ways, from physical abuse to sexual assault and from finance abuse to sexual harassment or trafficking. Whatever form it takes, violence against women can have serious long term physical and emotional effects.

Violence against women can be fit into several board categories. Some forms are Rape, Sexual Harassment, Acid Throwing, Reproduction Coercion, Female Infanticide, Parental sex selection, Dowry, Honor killing, Female genital mutilation, Marriage by abduction and forced marriage.



Rape is considered the most unreported violent crime. Following a rape, a victim may face violence or threats of violence from the rapist or form victim’s own family and relatives. Victims are forced not to report against rapist, since it bring SHAME to the family, sometimes victims are forced to marry the rapist in order to restore the honour of the family. Different types of punishment are made by the different countries government for this crime.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is abusive, uninvited and unwelcomed behaviour of a sexual nature, typically in work place. It can be verbal or physical and it is often perpetrated by a person in a position of authority against a subordinate. Sexual harassment includes non- contact forms like sexual comment about a person’s body or appearance, whistling or demands for sexual favours, and exposing one sexual organ at someone. It also include physical forms like grabbing, pinching, slapping or rubbing against another person in a sexual way. The purpose of Sexual harassment is to violate the dignity of a person.

Honor Killings

Honor killings are common types of violence against women in certain parts of the world. In many societies, rape victims, women suspected of engaging in premarital sex and women accused of adultery have been murdered by the family members who believe this situation as the dishonor of the family. Honor killing are most often associated with the Middle East and South Asia.

Marital Rape

Marital or spouse rape was once widely condoned or ignored by law and is now widely considered an unacceptable violence against women. Women globally is physical violence inflicted by an intimate partner, with women beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused. Several global survey suggests that half of all women who die from homicide are killed by their current or former partner or husband.

Acid Attack

Acid throwing also called as acid attack is defined as the act of throwing acid on the face or any other part of the body, with the intention of injuring die to jealousy or some revenge. The common type of acid used is sulphuric, nitric or hydrochloric acid. The ling term consequence of acid attack is blindness and permanent scarring at face or any other body part.

Not it’s the time to stop all the violence against women. Women’s should now be strong and raised their voice against the crime.

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