Deepika Padukone walk on Mumbai streets as Malti with her CHHAPAAK team

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Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone and her team of upcoming movie CHAAPAAK walked to the street of Mumbai to conduct a social experiment and examine how people from various paths of life react to being around acid attack survivor.

Deepika hides her original look so that people don’t gather to her see her. For this donned the make up as an acid attack survivor and visited a mobile shop, super market and a flea market, with the company of some other acid attack survivors. The whole incident was tracked by hidden camera. The video of the experiment got viral.

• First she stepped into the mobile shop, where she was greeted by shopkeeper, she ask a woman to take selfie with her. The women happily obliges. Few men look at the girls but no one was rude.

• Second she stepped into the super market, where some people refuse to help them, some gives disgusting looks. But apart from these, some people responds with kindness and smile.

• Next she went to a jewellery shop, when they met a woman who smiles with her and laughed and talked very politely.

• At the end they went to flea market, the reaction there was very different, a woman hides her child from the girls, some gives them screamed look, but some help them to choose clothes.

At the end of the video Deepika says,”Aaj pura din bitakar ye jana ke kuch nazar ke samne hota hai aur kuch nai. Nazariya badalne Ki jarurat hai.”

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