Nutan Forced into Prostitution and Her Struggle to Rescue Herself & Her Child

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Nutan forced into Prostitution

Nutan, A women of courage, learned to outbreak the family trend.

Her Father had put her mom into prostitution for their living, and so did Nutan’s husband did to her.

But this women of courage learned to break this trend and has set a example to many more…

She learned…

1) Analyse

For everything, we do in our life, we need to look within and decide, if this is what we are meant to do, if this is what we enjoy to do. And most importantly if this is how we wish to lead our life.

2) Self Realization

Our interested, our motives can not be determined by others. Be it the trouble faced by Nutan, or be in our profession, our career, our day to day life, we need to consistently hear the voice within.

3) Understand Your Desires

We need to constantly look at what we need. The way we feed our body with Nutrition, proteins, carbohydrates, our mind is in constant need of new learning, new tasks, more knowledge. It has the power to take decisions, selections for ourselves. We have to come out from this perspective of a Man or a society can only take decisions for us, and learn to lead our life on our terms.

4) Executing Our Will

We cannot end at merely understanding our desires. This will lead us to sadness.. We must start to have a action plan to fulfil our desires and dream.

Very Much like Nutan, who was going through a immense trouble, we all have some issues, if not so serious, but to some extend causing us pain/ sadness and sufferings, as we have never taken a lead of our life.

Nutan has now started to learn tailoring for her livelihood and has NGOs supporting and sponsoring her child care. Soon she will be all by herself, giving a great life to her child and will have her own tailoring business set to employee other needy women.

Hatsoff to Nutan… Loads of Respect !!!


Comment us with your story, and one lead/decision taken by you for yourself. Stay inspired and Inspire others.

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