Female Pilot Anupama Kohli Saves Lives of 261 Passengers On Airplane

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Female Pilot Anupama Kohli

In February last month, a major air mishap was averted thanks to cautious and timely approach by Captain Anupama Kohli that saw the lives of 261 passengers being saved. Otherwise it could have turned out to be a deadly mishap on air.

ATC (Air traffic Controllers) handling the movement of the Vistara and Air India flight on that day have been suspended following the probe into the incident.

Air India’s flight A-319 was about to reach Bhopal from Mumbai, and then suddenly Vistara’s flight (UK 997) was moving from Delhi to Pune. Both planes were just meters away from each other when Anupama drove the AI plane to safety preventing any sort of on-air collision. Vistara descended from 29000 feet to 27000 feet when Air India’s flight was also concurrently coming in from the opposite direction.

What was the Real Story?

It was because of some confusion within ATC and Vistara Cockpit that led to such a situation. However, Air India’s smart and capable senior woman commander and Captain Anupama Kohli saved the flight from a possible mishap.
She has an experience of 20 years that helped her meticulously take the flight to safety. Sources quoted that it was due to mix-up in communication in those seconds between Vistara crew and ATC that saw Vistara descended to 27000 feet with another flight coming from the other side. Meanwhile, Anupama Kohli was keeping her ears intact during her entire interaction with ATC. She was administering every moment of the discussion.

How Anupama Saved 261 Lives

All of sudden, Anupama saw the Vistara flight closing in towards her. Soon, the red sign was flashed in cockpit indicating that the Vistara plane was about to collide with Air India flight. With her strong determination, Captain Kohli immediately climbed and moved right to steer clear of the Vistara plane. And it was indeed a matter of relief for the entire nation as 261 precious lives were saved without sustaining any injury.

Later on, Air India thanked and admired the lady Pilot’s (Anupama Kohli) strong grit and presence of mind that made all Indians feel proud of her. Meanwhile, Vistara Airlines has not made any comment on this, and this matter is still under investigation by DGCA – India.

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