Meet Laxmi: How acid can demolish face but not the dreams

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Laxmi Agarwal

Nothing is harder than the solidness of your mind. It may not be unmistakable from your apparel, yet rather bit by bit creates inside you, and structures into a strong character.
Mental quality alludes to an accumulation of traits which enables a man to get by through the gravest of life occasions.

When, you comprehend the energy of self-inspiration then you trigger from autopilot to self-leader everything in your life will change. You will be an alternate arbitrator, you will be diverse in deals, and you will be relentless in an exercise center. The inspiring variable that you put in the method for your expectations, you had always wanted, of your certainty, of your strength, everything goes down the choice that you make. We as a whole realize what to do however none of us know how to influence ourselves to do it to yet through LAXMI-an acid attack survival we discover an inspiration for self-advancement.

Are we knowing what we are living for? Motivation always drive to self-development and here we have live example of an acid attack survival. We can’t control what comes to us, however we can control as how to respond to them. Mental perseverance makes a man stronger to passionate conditions.
The world is full of examples, ideas, words, wisdom and experiences and we know an Indian lady left seriously distorted in a severe acid attack and now turn into and fashion model and now in motherhood.

She travelled the journey from terminating her isolation and disengagement to return into the world.
Her boldness is a wonderful thing. When 16-year teenager been fronted by acid attack and undertook long journey through painful surgeries and been bold to face the camera to turn into fashion model that gives a new identity to fashion industry. She demonstrated individuals that excellence isn’t just outer, not only the face, but rather it’s our identity and she was great. By procuring her, she been exemplary to different survivors that they also can work and have ordinary existences.


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