Work from home to be the new normal, Greta Thunberg might have to return to school (online for now)

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Work From Home

With Covid-19 to stay around for longer or probably forever, corporates cannot remain standstill. Lately the IT companies in India have put forth an appeal to the Indian Government to allow work from home permit for longer or rather to make it the new form of functioning by law.

However, there are many law related to work facilities, leave rules, attendance rules and safety rules that have to now be reformatted to suit the new normal.

The quarantine period has been a massive success for work from home format for most IT conglomerates in the country. Also to ensure continuity of business and delivery of projects with appropriate compensations and proper rules, these corporates have now put forth an appeal collectively to the Indian Government to redesign the employment and Tax rules for its employees.

Also having considered this, most of the ITEs corporate will shift to the new normal of Work from home facilities increasing the productivity and comfort of the employees, however these huge office infrastructure will stay empty and void until new incomes sources bud out and occupy these setups. But having known the deadly pandemic the right steps have to be taken. The two months quarantine has now trained most of the corporates on been functional without an office premises and the most importantly it benefits the environment and has lasting climate recovery reports from this environment friendly approach.

Surely, Greta Thunberg, will now have to stop ripping the world leader and get back to school, may be online schooling for now. But her plea for the environment seems to have been now answered by this pandemic, which is the only boon in disgrace at this juncture.

Coming back to the work from home in Indian Conglomerates, several rules have to be re-looked at:

1) The labour and employee laws have to be completed re-looked at to suit the new normal.

2) Companies have to bear or have to consider bearing the cost of telecom setup and other essential setup to facilitate work from home functioning.

3) Telecomm companies have to come up with new economic work from home calling and internet packages.

4) Work facility safety and security parameters in the law have to be re-looked at to be redesigned for work from home.

5) The employee provident fund might gradually shift to Nation Pension scheme, making pension a uniform facility for must corporate employees. However, these all are now a topic of discussion, review and approval amongst the top notch leaders, corporates and business tycoons.

However, does it suits all or not is still not known, because some may not have a peaceful desk or space at home to get functional with full concentration and have the necessary infrastructure to immediately embrace this new normal, given that quarantine still continues in India. And some like me may have a noisy monkey-like kid dancing around all the while. However, whether the new normal of work from home is wildly accepted or not is yet to be surveyed.

Government employees might have a 15 days work from home and remain days office visits, on a staggered approach to avoid crowding.

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