Is the 2nd wave of Coronavirus coming in India?

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Coronavirus in India

The coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown to prevent it’s spread has brought us to the stage of poverty line today. Many are walking on the roads to reach back to their hometown. Other daily wage workers are left starving to death. Corporate have announced about the expected number of headcount to be fired. Many fear of loosing jobs now. This plight of masses is unexplainable and beyond manageable.

On one hand the authorities and government has to control the spread of the deadly virus and on the other hand the economy seems to be shrinking abnormally to suffocate the citizens.

In this do or die situation, the opening of economy may be a sign of relief to the daily wage earns and small businesses.

However, as rightly said by some leaders neither do we have the supplies nor the demand of non essential goods. Moreover, most of the daily wage earners are either back home or struggling to get back, leading to shortage of manpower. This labour shortage will be the biggest hurdle now to get the economy rolling. Also, the fear of death by corona has inculcated high sense of saving, brotherhood, compassionate behaviour and preparedness to any kind of catastrophe and has drastically brought down the desire of impulsive shopping of non essential goods. This behaviour will now be a big obstacles in moving the economy ahead. The buyer is not just wise now but is going to be miser to the extend of differentiate the necessary and the luxury products critically.

However, the need to open the economy and the loosening of strict checkpoints for lockdown implementation has given an escape for people to move out on the streets. Crowding at the liquor shop and unnecessary moving out to become the situation watchdogs and socializing in the open can bring a 2nd wave of corona which might be more deadlier than before.

The authorities did what best they could.Lockdown helped to prolongate the spread.However before the economy could choke all to death, it was highly recommended to open the business operations.

But is this beginning of the second wave that will lay down more deaths? Have we learnt how to maintain physical distancing? Are we taking the necessary precautions?? Now only time will tell us if we are on the right path. The increasing patient count shows the signs of the coming catastrophe. One must build their immunity with proper diet, stay home. Be safe and take care of their family. Do not step out, if not very essential.

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