Measures to be taken to prevent the Spread of Coronavirus in Offices

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Corona Precautions in Office

As we know, right now we have to be very careful while going outside due to fear of Coronavirus. We have to take proper precautions to protect ourself from coronavirus.

We all know that offices are open now and we have to be very careful about that. Employers have responsibility to take care of his employees and have to take proper measures at the workplace.

Precautions we should take in office are –

Social Distancing

We should follow social distancing with our colleagues, have to maintain proper distance between all the employees.We have to keep thing in mind that we have not to make any group in our office, and if there is a group then we have to avoid going there.We also have to be careful while travelling to office and have to avoid public transport.

Mask and Gloves

Don’t forgot to wear mask while going outside and don’t forgot to wear gloves while working. Gloves and Masks are mandatory.

There are many varieties of masks and gloves available in the market, some are ‘use and throw’ and some are washable. We can use any of them as per our requirement.

Use of Sanitizer

Use of Sanitizer is very necessary in the offices. We know that often sanitizer is used on hands but in office we have to use sanitizer on keyboards, switches, door handles and on many things, which are used on a regular basis.
Don’t forgot to sanitize your vehicle which you are using for travel to the office and if you are going through public transport then try to avoid touching anything. If you are doing that then sanitize your hands immediately.

Carry wipes or Handkerchief

Make sure, not to sneeze in open or bring handkerchief or a packet of tissues with yourself.Carry wipes while going anywhere so that you can clean that thing.

Temperature Check

Make sure that every employee gets temperature check before entering the office premises because it is spreading very fast.If anyone is finding COVID-19 symptoms like cold, fever, breathe problem or any of the symptom then stop going to the office immediate and take the medical help to recover as soon as possible.


We have a strong recommendation to avoid outside food and junk food, at this time you need only hygiene food which can boost your immune system.Generally, we have seen peoples eats outside food while going to offices, but you have to avoid it for yourself. Because no food is better than home food because its fresh and tasty and have qualities which boost your immune system.

Bring Stationary

Don’t forgot to bring your stationary with yourself, generally we use office pens for our work but now carry your stationary with yourself.Avoid touching any irrelevant thing, bring all the necessary material with yourself. Just do your work and come back.If your office is on 1st or 2nd floor and you are going with ladders, then don’t touch railings.

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