Are bats the origin of Coronavirus, live virus strains found in 3 bats of China

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Coronavirus from Bats

The report coming from Beijing’s Chinese virology institute shows evidence that the coronavirus was originated from Bats in China. They have 3 live bats carry the coronavirus which led to the spread of COVID 19 in Wuhan, however, the strains of the virus which is creating the havoc of death around the world is different than the virus strains identified in the live bat samples. As per the report the death count worldwide due to this virus has been 340,000 and the virus was transmitted from Bat to other mammals and then to humans.

Coronavirus from Bats

The live virus strains under research seem to match about 80 percent to the SARS-COVID2 strains, however, its complete similarity is yet not established. The research organizations have also been conducting several types of research to still trying to trace the SARS outbreak in 2004. However, the SARS and Covid-19 Virus strains genome only have about 80% similarity to each other and there are some obvious differences, yet to be discovered.

Also to negate the claims and allegations of the American Government, the Lab scientists in China said that they themselves got the virus samples in December during the outbreak of the pandemic, they had never kept or stored any such virus and they had reported the virus genome findings to WHO in Jan 2020. Moreover the virus strain also doesn’t completely match the SARS Covid-19 Virus genome and future investigations are on. Also to add they said that Washington has no evidence on the allegation made by the American Government on China with respect to the virus being stored and nurtured in China and the outbreak of Covid-19 in that reference.

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