How To Play Online Roulette And Popular Types Of Online Roulettes In India

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Roulette is one of the most popular and well-recognized games on online casino websites. You are likely to find this game of chance on every online betting website. The rules of the games are simple, but there have been subtle deviations over time as the game reached different parts of the world. In India, you can play several variations of this popular game. In this article, we will provide an account of the most prominent Roulette variations in India and the types of bets that you can make on this game.

Basic Rules Of Roulette

The roulette basics are simple to understand. You’ll get a wheel with black and red slots with numbers ranging from 1 to 36, as well as either one or two green zero slots. Aside from the wheel, you get a table with the digits and a few other betting sectors upon which you may put bets. The operator rotates the wheel and puts in a tiny ball once all of the players have put their wagers on the board.

The victory number is based on the number of slots in which the ball falls. You’ll earn a reward if you wager upon this number or, sometimes, a combination of numerals that include it. So here are the rules step-by-step:

1 – Pick a good number or a set of numerals to bet on and a stake size appropriate for your budget.
2 – Place a wager on the numerals of your preference.
3 – As the dealer spins the wheel, the lucky number will be revealed.
4 – If you correctly predicted the number, you can claim your prize!
5 – Place a new stake and give it another try!

There could be some changes in the wheel and table configuration depending on the sort of roulette game you play. Though the difference is not very great, you should be aware of the different types of roulette and several types of bets you might make when playing roulette.
Online Roulette
Types of Bet

1 – Inside Bet

It’s not enough to know only the rules of inside betting of roulette to have a good experience while gaming. If you examine the game table layout closely, you’ll note that the major half is made up of a sequence of numbers from zero to 36. In contrast, the remainder is made up of sections for wagering on groupings of numbers such as even and odd, black and red, 1-18 or 19-36, dozens, and columns.

Inside bets are those made on the numerals themselves, while outside bets are made upon the other sections. 2-Outside Bets

2 – Outside Bets

Outside bets are the wagers put outside of the numeric field on sections that cover larger groupings of numbers. Outside bets are divided into five categories:

Odd Or Even Choose whether the correct bid will be even or odd from 19-36 or 1-18.
Red Or Black – Place a wager on the victorious number’s colors.
Columns Choose which one of three columns you think the grand winning number will come from.
Dozens Choose from one of the 36 options on the table arrangement.
Low Or High  Choose if the upcoming winning number would be low as less than 19 or high as greater than 19.

3 – Announced Roulette Bet

The announced roulette bets include specific wagering combinations that are most usually found in French Roulette and frequently found in internet European Roulette variations. They are a component of the rules of roulette that you must understand.

Voisins du Z©ro bet comprises the zero and the seven numbers on either side of it’s from 22 to 25 on the wheel. It is also referred to as the Neighbours of Zero bet.

Le Tiers Du Cylindre is yet another bet that, like the Voisins du Z©ro, covers a wide range of digits. We understand that all of these roulette regulations, along with their foreign names, might be perplexing, but they are necessary to grasp.

Types Of Roulette

1 – American Roulette

The wheel in the American Roulette always has a double zero and a zero, both designated with green color and sit opposite one another, for a total of 38 numerals upon this wheel. This version of roulette is thought to have originated from Atlantic City, when the specific rule, surrender, had been adopted.

Surrender, also known as “la partage”, enables you to keep halves of your Outside stake if the ball falls on zero. It is also thought that New Orleans was the birthplace of American roulette. Since it was there, the double zero had been implemented for the first time.

The table’s arrangement is slightly unusual; however, even if participants are unfamiliar with it, they can still work it out. Outside bets, i.e., the bets put on the outside of the board, typically get placed in two rows on only a single side of the table, rather than on both sides.
Online Roulette
2 – French Roulette

French roulette is regarded as the queen among all online casinos, not just roulette, by several players. The game dates back to the French Revolution and is also one of the earliest table games. The board configuration is different in French roulette. However, the wheel is just like in European roulette.

Based on how they wish to gamble, each participant must place their chips on a table. Players can pick between noir and rouge: black and red numbers, unpair and pair: even and odd numbers, or pass numbers: high and low numbers.

The low numbers range from 1 to 18, while the high numbers range from 19 to 36. Here, the croupier is indeed the boss, as he declares the end of betting and controls the wheel. He reveals the number when the ball has settled.

Whenever the ball reaches zero, many players like this game due to the “en prison rule”, which gives players another opportunity to win cash given on an outside wager, then there is this la partage rule, which states that if the ball lands on zero and perhaps you put an outside wager, you’ll get half your money back.

3 – European Roulette

In internet gambling, European roulette is perhaps the most common, particularly if a European corporation runs the site. The wheel features 26 digits and a zero and red and black digits rotating and zero representing green.

Although its wheel resembles a French wheel, the roulette table arrangement is American-style, featuring two rows of Outside wagers. In terms of odds, it falls in between American and French roulette. The lack of rules like la partage or en jail restrictions in European roulette tends to make it a little less appealing to gamblers.


So these were some of the important sites of roulette in India. All this information will empower you in your roulette journey. Some of these Roulette bets have a higher chance of getting a great payout, so it is important to pick a smart bet. To get the most out of your roulette experience, it is essential to research well and give utmost importance to safety and responsibility. So, pay attention to all the details and learn the rules to become a pro roulette player.

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