Fun and Relaxing Activities to do while Staying at Home during Lockdown

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Due to coronavirus, school buildings, restaurants, malls, offices, all have been closed down. Social Distancing has been an important part of our lives to slow down the spread of coronavirus.

Human beings are not that great about endless time at home, not really knowing what to do with yourself.But If your are looking for some structure in your day, here are some relaxing and productive activities you can do at home during the COVID-19 quarantine:

• Hold a cooking competition

Involve all the family members of yours in the competition, whether elder or kids, or your husband or you. Tell them to make any recipe as per their choice, like for kids, fireless cooking, for elders any ancient recipe, for youngsters, any Italian or Mexican dish.

This will help you all to involve in a single competition together, everyone will enjoy and at last you all can do party with your so many dishes.

• Get in some physical exercise

Do some yoga or dance, together. It will pass your time and in return who all will have exercise also, to stay fit and healthy. Play music in your music system and call everyone to join you. It will also maintain compatibility between all members, and you all will have a family time.

• Video chat with friends

You can’t physically hang out with friends in this time. Just start video chat with your friends. You can also video chat in a group. Seeing your friends, their facial expressions and having a meal together over video chat really changes what quarantining alone feels like.

• Take online class together

There are so many online courses provider all over the world. Just signed up in any class you want to and enjoy learning new things.

• Virtual tour to historical monuments

From the comfort of your own home, you can walk around the historian monuments all around the world. There are so many popular websites, watching them gives you knowledge of something you don’t know earlier. Together, allow your kids to watch them also, because this is the perfect way to keep kids busy. Also, they learn new things.

• Do a group crossword puzzle

If you get the same newspaper delivered to your house as your friends or relatives, then tackle them together every morning. Whether it’s over the phone or sharing your results once you are done.

• YouTube Tutorials

This is your time to absorb new information and practice over and over again. Learn to Make a DIY hair mask, plaster on a face mask and do your nails. This is the free time and you can give a flawless look to your own. Don’t feel selfish for taking some time for yourself.

• Start a journal or blog

Start a regular writing journal or diary. Image how interesting it will be to look back at those logs, say ,20 years from now, recounting what surely will he a historic period in our lives.

• Read books

All of us are having books at home which we have never read. Use this extra time you have through your backlog or revisit your favourite books.

• Fix things that are pending from long time.

So many things are there in our lives, which we keep on spending, die to our busy schedule. This is the perfect time to complete those work.

• Dust off old family board games

Maybe it’s been a while since youngest had a family game night. Now get together, get your old board games like chess, Ludo, carom, etc.. and play those game. It will also help you recall your childhood memories.

• Learn new things

There are endless websites of all things, which can help you learn new things. You can learn calligraphy, some foreign language, and spend your time.

• Clean your wardrobe
• Watch movies together
• Engage your children in colouring activities.
• Develop interview skills in your kids

Tell your kids to interview all the members of family and make the videos of them.

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