Donald Trump Seeks Help from Narendra Modi to Provide Anti-Malaria drug to fight against COVID-19

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Few days before, US President Donald Trump said that the Hydroxychloroquine, the anti malaria drug treatment will help to fight with COVID-19. Cases till Sunday in all over the world are 12,05,000 in which deaths are 65000, recovered peoples are 2,48,000 and rest are active cases.

Cases in US are increasing in a rapid way, total cases are 3,12,000 in which deaths are 8,500, recovered peoples are 15000 and rest are active cases.

Cases in India are 4067 in which total deaths are 109, recovered peoples are 292 and rest are active cases.Trump told reporters that he had call Modi and urged him to release the amounts we ordered and they are giving it serious consideration.

The main thing is that Prime Minister Modi had told just they had a good discussion and agreed to deploy the full strength of Indo-US partnership to fight against COVID-19.

At phone call , both the leaders had discussed that they will work together to fight with coronavirus and also discussed that they will maintain supply chain of pharmaceutical and medical supplies so that both countries support each other during world health crisis.

India have the largest production of Hydroxychloroquine the drug which is used to treat malaria and lupus.India is also using this drug for health care professionals working on coronavirus patients and the patients have to provide the same treatment which is given to malaria patients.

While seeing the rapid increasing of positive cases, Trump has also started deal with other countries.He recently called South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-in for medical equipment and Russians sent planeload of supplies.

Few days before, America also got a donation of 1000 ventilators form China.America also have a very high production of Hydroxychloroquine but still they know they required it in a large amount because they have 1.5 billion people.
Although Trump said that there is not 100% assurance of positive results, but if it shows positive results it would be a gift from heaven.

Now we just have to wait for the results, if it remains positive then it would be a great thing for all the world.

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