Does Coronavirus spread through Sex? Research Report of China out

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Coronavirus Spread through Sex

The coronavirus behind the deadly COVID 19, has been lately reported to be found in the semen samples of men hospitalised recently. There has been fear and anticipation amongst scientists and research organizations whether if COVID 19, can spread through Sex.

A team of Doctors in China has detected the presence of the deadly virus in semen samples of 38 patients hospitalised for COVID 19. Of these 38 patients, 4 are still unwell and in very serious condition due to the pandemic caused by corona.

This report was made public this Thursday in the Jama Network open by the Shangqiu Municipal Hospital of China. This report is a clear contraction to the research results published in the past including the report made public last month in the journal Fertility and Sterility by China. It is still to be found out how long the virus remains in the patient’s semen after recovering and the viability of the virus.

It was prior reported that Coronavirus only spreads by the droplets sprayed out by the infected people on sneezing and coughing, which is transmitted to others through the nasal path. However, knowing the fact that zika and ebola are the similar viruses, that have shown the evidence of sexual transmission, has raised questions on Corona transmission via sex.

To surprise us further, few other studies have reported that the virus strands have been found in blood, faeces, tears, semens and other body fluids. However, more research has to be conducted on this to get a definitive answer. US Medical Authorities have suggested to be wise and avoid any kind of physical and sexual contact with men until the 14 days of virus incubation period or from men having suffered with COVID 19 until complete recovery and 14 days post that.

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