Coronavirus Can Stay on a Face Mask for a week as per Recent Study

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Total positive cases in India till Tuesday morning are 5194, of which deaths are 149, recovered peoples are 402 and rest are the active cases.

From a new study conducted by researchers from the University of Honk Kong we got to know that Coronavirus can remain for a week on face masks. This is very dangerous thing. People should have to aware about this thing. Peoples should not have to touch the outer layer or surface of the face mask.

The novel coronavirus is just a primarily illness and its spreading through droplets of infected person’s cough or sneeze, but it can also be transmitted on objects if you grab something that has enough Virus on it and then touch on your face.

We have seen face masks, surgical masks and N95 respiratory masks have been in high demand and short supply from this outbreak.

From this analysis, researchers also tested how long this virus can remain of different surfaces at room temperature.Subsequently found that on printed and tissue papers it can not remain for more than 3 hours. On Wood and clothes it remain only for a day.

On bank notes and glass, it can survive 3-4 days and on Stainless steep and plastic, it can survive for 4-7 days.Researchers said that its quiet surprise that this virus found on the surgical mask after 7 days. So it’s quite necessary to not to touch the mask while wearing that, if they touch then they will infect their hands.

Researchers also said that its quite necessary to wash your hand while touching mouth, face and nose. They also said that don’t open the shopping bag for a day after shopping, if there’s something which can do damages then you can open it, otherwise don’t do it.

Coronavirus can be highly stable in a favourable environment, but it is also susceptible to standard disinfection methods.

Peoples should have to aware about the touching to the things. We will still say the main precaution is wash your hands at least 8 times a day for 20 seconds.

If you want to take care of your health just maintain good hygiene, do your immune system strong and keep washing your hands regularly.

We have a strong recommendation don’t buy any type of vegetables, just eat the things which are available at your home because these vegetables are coming from many hands.

Social distancing and staying at home as much as possible are the best ways to fight with COVID-19.

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