7 Things Not to do Immediately after Lockdown Ends

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Wash Hands

Total cases of Coronavirus in India till Monday are 17,615 of which deaths are 559, recovered peoples are 2854 and rest are active cases.

Right now, everyone is eagerly waiting to start their daily routine after lockdown ends. Everyone had started making plans about what they will do once the restrictions lifted.

But you have not to do these things, keep remember-

• Don’t stop washing your hands because it is a good habit and we all know that lockdown relaxation doesn’t means that coronavirus outbreak is over. Unless the vaccine comes, still there is a risk. We have a strong suggestion, don’t break this habit because washing hands will minimize risk of illness in future.

• Keep distance with Senior Citizens because they are the peoples who are likely to develop complications. So, keep distance is the best way to keep them and yourself safe.

• Don’t plan for any vacation, because there is a high risk of this virus come again. So, it will be very difficult to quarantine our self at foreign land. So, don’t plan for any vacation.

• Don’t do parties at home, we all are very excited to meet our friends & relatives and have a party and have some delicious meals and drinks. But its too early to do all these because in a party too many peoples will be in a room. It will give a proper invitation to COVID-19 to affect the peoples.

Don’t throw facemask if coronavirus hits back again then it will be very useful. We have to be habitual of mask because these masks are not provides protection from coronavirus but it will also prevent us from pollution. So, it’s necessary to keep masks at your home.

• We have to take only hygiene food made at home because at our home we will get fresh food in clean utensils and appliances. And outside there is always a problem of cleanliness. So, eat only home made food.

• Don’t forgot to follow Indian tradition, instead of shaking hands just do ‘Namaste’. You will be safe every time.
Try to follow those things just for some couple of weeks. After that you can enjoy like you used to do it earlier. But right now, taking some precaution is must.

‘Stay Home’ ‘Stay Safe’ !

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