Sushant Singh Rajput ended his life committing suicide, was that the only solution to his problem ?

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Sushant Singh rajput Commit Suicide

Depression, the word itself gives negative vibes. But the most negative is committing suicide in depression. Today, the whole world is going through the tough time because of pandemic COVID 19. Many peoples got depressed. We all are very shocked by the news of suicide of most charming, young and talented actor Sushant Singh Rajput who committed suicide at the age of 34.There are so many questions which are left with his death.

Today am just writing my views on depression and suicide. There are so many ups and downs in everyone’s life. No one is blessed with happiness only. Each and every person have some or the other problem. Some sort problems very smartly and patiently while some goes negative and become depressed. Depression may occur due to financial stability, breakups or anything.

The point is when god have given all of us the same life then why some peoples loss hope when they are in problems.If some people face the problems in positive way, then why some get negative? Negativity always makes the life hell. If you are feeling negative, immediately share your problems with someone who trust. Sharing problems help us sort them out.One may get solution by sharing problems and can save their own life.

There are so many signs of depression like:

• Negativity
• Less of activities
• Feeling of guilt
• Lack of energy
• Lack of concentration
• Change in weight

These are some signs in which one can justify own.If you are facing any problem in your life or feel depressed either share your problem with your parents, friends or some trustworthy person, or take medication help. Don’t ever think of committing suicide like recently our Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput did.

Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide, this news is so shocking for the whole nation. He was a charming and always have smiling face. No one can easily believe that such a genius star can commit suicide.

But, the truth is Sushant is no more with us. Now, there are many questions in everyone’s mind today, why did he commit suicide? If he was suffering from depression, he should have share his problems with someone, rather than ending up own life and giving pain to his near and dear ones.

Sushant is no more with us, but he left some many questions. Sushant was financially stable and having fame too. So, his dad tells us that neither money nor fame is important in life. The important thing in life is having someone with whom you can share all your happiness and sorrow.

Depression causes person committing suicide, but suicide is not the solution of any problem. Rather, it makes the life hell of your family members behind you.

This article we have written is just to spread the positivity. If there are tough times in your life, have patience and you will see that this tough time will pass soon.

Only the solution from coming out from depression are involving in different activities, meeting new peoples, sharing your problems with someone and take medication help.Don’t end up your life committing suicide, be social and be positive.

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