Sexual Harassment case on Nawazuddin’s family by his Niece

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Nawazuddin Siddiqui's Niece has been Sexually Harassed

Nawazuddin’s Niece has come ahead with a new scandal crowning Nawazuddin’s brother as a sexual harasser to her in her teens. Post Nawazuddin’s marital crisis and allegation laid by his wife of physical and mental harassment, now this second blow from his own niece on his family can jeopardise his Bollywood career.Owing to this new scandal, that came out from his closet, his wife has to say, “This is just the beginning”. So surely there is more women harassment to come out in the media and court now on Nawazuddin and his family. Wonder what gave this women’s the strength to raise the voice now and why had they stay mum for so long.

Nawazuddin’s Niece had first filed a police complaint of sexual harassment against his brother when she was 9 years old. She mentions that her parents had divorced when she was 2 yrs old. Her father had remarried and she didn’t have a loving childhood, post all these traumatic family separations. She was beaten up and torched as a child. And her uncle (Nawazuddin’s brother) exploited her from an early age. As a child, all she understood was that his touch was not normal.

As she grew up, she found her groom and had arranged a court marriage for herself. She mentions that her father and Nawazuddin have tortured her in-laws as well and have filed false cases against them. She also highlights that she has concrete proof of the sexual harassment and violence done by her uncle to her. And she has shared them with her husband, due to which her father and Nawazuddin, have time to time being harassing her in-laws.

She remembers an incident of her childhood, that she narrates of having a discussion with Nawazuddin. Nawaz bade papa once asked me what I want to do in life, I told him all that was happening with me and that I felt mentally disturbed. But he said there is nothing like that. I thought that at least bade papa (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) would understand, he lives in a different society and would have a different mentality. But he was like ‘chacha hai, aisa kabhi nahi kar sakte’.

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