It’s time to Show Off Floral Prints all around

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Floral Prints Dresses

There are no limitations for slim girls as all kinds of floral prints look good on them.There are some trends that never go out of style. While they get bigger in some seasons and remain low in others, they keep coming back again and again. Floral prints is one such trend. Floral prints or its attributes are present in all seasons. They are a source of inspiration and a perfect way to introduce things in different ways! Here are some tips on how to wear floral prints and stay in bloom because floral pieces make their way back into fall this year.

Floral accessories

Don’t play it safe only with floral dresses. Experiment with floral accessories such as belts, scarves, bags even necklaces, trinkets and earrings and let the flowers accent your look.

Right way to wear Florals

While you get obsessed with wearing floral prints, don’t forget that you should be attentive to your proportions. Medium flowers work for medium built women. Make sure the flower pattern is not very close to each other but, if you are slim there are no limitations; you may choose whatever you want! As floral print itself are very eye catching, don’t go overboard. Pair bigger prints with softer and simpler silhouettes. This will save you from donning a harsh look!

Choose Different Print

Your top and bottom must never have the same print, unless you are wearing a dress. Combine floral tops with monotone trousers. Floral tops and floral accessories, however, can be paired together.

Floral prints look amazing with natural colours like beige or milky shades, as well as with black and white. Don’t be afraid to try what you have never tried before! Mix the colors, make contrasts and combine them with each other!

Florals for Autumn-Winter

This fall, florals are set against a dark backdrop. Lace detailing puts a fresh spin on the idea of flowers in winter. Layer your florals with knits, cardigans, blazers and coats in complimentary colours to make a statement. Don’t stop at printed pants – scarves, knits, skirts et al are part of the floral trend too.

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