Denims: A Must Thing Present in Your Wardrobe for Fashion Statement

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Malaika Arora in Denim Shorts

Whether you are professional or housewife or teenager girl, DENIM is one such material that has stayed in fashion for millennia for all. A lot of experiments can be done with denims, due to presence of different types of dresses of denim. If you’re in love with the denims, then you’ve got to catch up with these trends and upgrade your wardrobe.

• SHORT DENIM DRESS: It is a cool denim dress that can be wear for casual outside. The dress is short and gives a sexy and stylish look. It has so many patterns like top pockets as well as side pockets.

• EYELET DETAIL DENIM DRESS: These types of dresses has an eyelet DETAIL in front. The straps that join the body are passed through the eyelet. This dress looks sexy and stunning.

• SCOOP NECK DENIM DRESS: This dress has a high low hemline along with lace border. This is a very dainty dress that shows sexiness and elegance. It is perfect for special occasions that are semi-casual.

• MAXI DENIM DRESS: This designer denim dress is long and has long sleeves that are buttoned. The front opening buttons come up to the knee. This dress is perfect for a simple outing for a beach treat.

• EMBROIDERED DENIM DRESS: This is a denim one-piece dress that looks absolutely stunning. This dress is perfect and looks great to wear for a romantic evening. It looks sexy and elegant.

• LOOSE LONG DENIM DRESS: This long denim dress is long, and fitting is loose. It looks stylish and this is a showstopper dress.

• DENIM ON DENIM: If you want something as unique then pair your denim shirt and bustier along with denim culottes for a game changing denim on denim look.

• DENIM JACKET: Denim jackets are perfect to make a style statement. These looks super cute and goes perfectly well with casual wear.

• BUTTON UP FLARED DENIMS: They look so high fashion and casual at the same time. Pair it with a crop top and your favourite pair of sneakers for a complete look.

• DENIM CULOTTES: Culottes are the pants that were worn by the European men earlier, but nowadays these are immensely trending among women.

• SHORT DENIM SKIRTS: Whether a simple denim skirt or a ripped denim skirt, they look equally stylish and perfect for casual wear.

• DENIM JUMPSUIT: Its perfect for both party wear and casual day, pair it with your heels or sneakers according to the occasion. Don’t forget to accessorise with right necklace, sunglasses and handbag.

• DENIM SHIRT: These are way more popular than ever nowadays. Pair it with a dress, jumpsuit or a combination of a crop top and ripped Jean’s.

• DENIM JOGGERS: These are basically pair o pants with the bottom made like elastic. They are very comfort to wear.

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