6 Female Bollywood Celebs who Strictly Follows Vegan Diet

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Vegan Diet

First thing before following Vegan diet is, you should know what actually is it, what are its resources, what are its benefits and most important what are its result on our Bollywood beauties who followed it.


Vegan Diet is a diet which excludes all animal products whether egg, non veg or even dairy products. Like vegetarian doesn’t eat meat, fish or any other non veg, similarly vegan diet means excluding all non veg and dairy products from your diet.

A new term i.e  VEGANISM, which can be understand as excluding all forms of animal exploitation, whether food, clothing, any fashion accessory or any other thing which can be made with animal’s use.


Now some people have query, that if don’t eat dairy products, then what should we eat to have a balanced vegan diet? So the answer to their query is eat following things:

• Nuts and nuts butter, these are good sources of iron, zinc, magnesium, fiber and vitamin E
• Protein rich food like Tofu and seitan, which are alternative of meat, fish and eggs.
• Beans, lentils and peas, have so many nutrients. They increases nutrient absorption.
• Chia and flaxseeds are good resources of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.
• For complex carbs, iron, minerals, you can have whole grains and cereals.
• To increase intake of nutrient, iron and calcium, consume green leafy vegetables like spinach kale and mustard greens.

There are so many BENEFITS of vegan diet:

• It helps you loose weight.
• It controls your blood sugar and type 2 diabetes
• It keeps your heart healthy. Since vegan diet control blood pressure, cholesterol, hence it reduce heart disease
risk by 46%
• It lower the chance of cancer by 15%
• It reduce the symptoms of arthritis
• It reduce the risk of poor kidney function
• Most IMPORTANT it is beneficial for environment

BOLLYWOOD BEAUTIES who follow vegan diet for a healthy lifestyle:

• KANGANA RANAUT: Kangana was a pure non-vegetarian till 2013. In 2013, she turned vegan. She realised that dairy-based products gives her acidity. But now she is strict follower of vegan diet.

• SONAM KAPOOR: Sonam was a vegetarian from many years, but she ditched dairy in 2017. In an interview she told that compassion towards animals was her reason to be vegan. Now she enjoys her vegan lifestyle.

• RICHA CHADDA: Richa has collaborated with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), in November 2014. She is very happy with her vegan lifestyle and even encourage other peoples to follow it.

• SONAKSHI SINHA: From fat to fit, Bollywood beauty Sonakshi, loses her weight with vegan diet. She is an animal lover, which makes her to switch to vegan diet.

• JACQUELINE FERNANDEZ: This Sri Lankan beauty, is having meat free and dairy free diet from several years. In order to encourage people for vegan diet, she opens a restaurant in Mumbai to serve people healthy vegan food.

• NEHA DHUPIA: Neha, the former Miss India is adopting began diet and even helped PETA to launch their India’s first ever discount saving cards for vegan.

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