Makeup Essentials: Must Have Cosmetic Products in Your Makeup Kit

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Make Up Essentials

No one can hire a makeup artist all the time. Therefore, it’s time to become your own MUA! It’s time to get fascinated with the idea of makeup and how it enhances your beauty and sharpens your feature.

Makeup is an essential thing, especially for the shopping, which you need to customize in your makeup kit. Although there are tons of things you think ideal needed, but also there are few must haves in your makeup kit to achieve a flawless glow.

Keep scrolling for list of makeup must haves for flawless look you’ve been dying to nail.

1. Face Mist

Face mist are designed to be used either before or after you applied your makeup. Face mist hydrates the skin, set makeup, cool the skin down to prevent excess sebum production and therefore acne breakouts.

2. Moisturizer

Use a Moisturizer to hydrate your face, which will prevent your makeup from clumping up in dry area, or seeing into any fine lines and wrinkles. Using Moisturizer before primer, gives you a flawless finish.

3. Face Primer

Face primers main purpose is to keep your skin looking smooth and your makeup looking fresh all day long. Primer helps you to control oil and acne, moisturize, smooth out uneven texture, colour correct, etc.

Here are some recommendations:

• Mac Prep+Prime Face Protect
• NYX Studio Perfect Photo- Loving Primer

4. Foundation

Foundation is used to give your skin an even tone and coverage. You could always test a matching shade by applying a streak to the side of your jawline, down to the neck.

Here are some recommendations:

• MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation
• Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousee Foundation.
• Loreal Paris Infallible Lasting Perfecting Foundation.

5. Contour

A contoured look provides definition to your facial features, enhancing your nose and cheekbone. It leaves you with a sculpted look for your day ahead.

Here are some recommendations:

• Makeup Revolution Pro Highlighter-Illuminate
• Maybelline New York V-Face Duo Stick

6. Concealer

Concealer covers all the acne, dark circles or any kind of discolouration. It come in full-coverage and sheerer-coverage formulations.

Here are some recommendations:

• Mac Pro Long-Wear Concealer
• Mac Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer

7. Highlighter

Highlighter pigments attract light, leading to a bright, lit-from-within look for your feature. Apply it over your foundation and before using concealer to enhance the features which are naturally lit up by the sun –above your eyebrows, brow bone, cheekbone and the bow of the lip.

Here are some recommendations:

• MAC Mineralize Skin finish
• Lakme Absolute Illuminating Blush
• Lakme Absolute Highlighter

8. Compact

A compact is the handy product which helps you ace your makeup game. Find a shade match to your skin tone and apply it all over face with a brush or sponge applicator.

Here are some recommendations:

• BB Beauty Balm Compact SPF 30
• MUA Pro-Base Matte Satin Pressed Powder

9. Eye Primer

An eye primer should not only prevent your eye makeup from sliding off, fading and creasing, but should also be in foundation that keeps colours looking true. They are formulated with moisturizing, color-correcting, and anti-aging benefits.

Here are some recommendations:

• Revlon Photo ready eye primer+brightener
• Faces Metaliglow eye Primer

10. Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow makes your eyes stand out. This can enhance even your simplest attire and outfits.

Here are some recommendations:

• Freedom Pro 12-Audacious Mattes
• Clinique ALL about Shadow Quad

11. Mascara

Mascara has a magical way of pulling your eye look together, comes in countless different formulas that lengthen, thicken and curl your eyelashes.

Here are some recommendations:

• Lakme eyeconic Curling Mascara
• MAC In Extra Dimension Lash Mascara
• Loreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara
• Colorbar Zoom and Whoosh Mascara

12. Eyeliner

Eyeliner, like mascara, can also add a little extra something needed to really make your eye look pack a punch.

Here are some recommendations:

• Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil and Gel
• Loreal Brow Stylist Sculptor

13. Kajal

Made of charcoal residue, Kajal sooth the eyes, protecting them from infections. Add a refined charm to your eyes with the swipe of this organic outline Kajal or Kohl stick.

Here are some recommendations:

• Lakme Eyeconic Kajal
• Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal Super Black
• Loreal Paris Kajal Magique
• Bobbie Brown Long-wear Eye Pencil.

14. Lip Balm

Lip balm allow you to moisturize the delicate skin of your lips and safeguard from chopping, cracking or drying under the onslaught of different makeup products.

Here are some recommendations:

• Forest Essentials Luscious Lip Balm Kokum Butte and Honey
• The Body Shop Born Lippy Pot Lip Balm

15. Lipstick

Lipstick is a major moment right now. Whether you go for a liquid or bullet formula; a glossy, satin or matte finish, there is definitely a lipstick out there that’ll meet your needs!

Here are some recommendations:

• Mac Retro Matte Lipstick Rooby Woo
• Chamber powder matte Lipstick Rubis Rouge.

16. Lip liner

A good lipstick is incomplete without a matching lip liner, which prevent it from bleeding out. Lip liner gives a filler look to the lips.

Here are some recommendations:

• Chamber Velvette Touch Lip Liner Pencils
• Maybelline Colour sensational Lip Liners

17. Hand Cream

Hand cream will keep the moist and conditioned and serve as a base for any other makeup you may plan to put on them.

Here are some recommendations:

• Kama Ayurveda Hand Cream
• Oriflame Milk and Honey Gold Moisturizing Hand Cream
• Khadi Herbals Milk and Saffron Hand Cream

18. Nail paint

Nail paint gives a complete and finish look to hands.

Here are some recommendations:

• Lakme
• Ellen 18
• Revlon

19. Eyelash Curler

An eyelash curler adds to the drama element for your eyes, by adding the right frame to bigger and brighter eyes. Regular use of the product can also help in lengthening the lashes.

Here are some recommendations:

• Oriflame Eyelash Curler
• Elf Eyelash Curler
• Faces Canada Eyelash Curler

20. Brushes and sponges

Without them, the makeup products are useless. Don’t even think of applying makeup with your fingers.

21. Makeup remover

The essential before going to bed- makeup remover

Here are some recommendations:

• Maybelline Eye and Lip Makeup Remover
• Colorbar Ultimate Makeup Remover

22. Nail paint remover

Remove nail paint using remover and cotton balls.

23. Cotton balls
24. Safety pins
25. Hairpins
26. Comb

The basic you need that for a perfect hairdo is a comb.

• Wide tooth combs
• Fine tooth tail comb
• Picks
• Fine and wide tooth combs or cutting comb
• Stylish combs with metal pins

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