Beauty secrets of Bollywood Divas for you

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Beauty Secrets of Bollywood Divas

Beautiful, gorgeous and youthful skin is every one’s dreams.People spend a lot of money on skin to stay young and have flawless skin. But there are so many ingredients available in our home, which can give you a shiny and beautiful skin, you dream of.

Even our Bollywood Beauties use home-based face pack to look gorgeous. Divas like Rekha, Neetu Singh, Madhuri Dixit, Late Sridevi, Juhi Chawla and many more, looks young at even this age. They too use home remedies for their skin and take a proper diet.

Let’s have a look of Bollywood Beauties secret of gorgeous skin:

• Hema Malini: The dream girl of Bollywood, Hema Malini, look gorgeous even in this age. She is very conscious about her health, skin and hair. She follows strict routine for her beauty.

For Skin: She use less makeup, she just loves to stay natural. For her skin she uses cleaning milk regularly and also use aroma oils. And before going to bed every night, she uses night cream.

Diet and exercise: She eat fresh fruits and vegetables for balanced diet. Drinks lot of water and two cups of green tea and also, she eat curd and paneer. Sometimes she keeps fast for detoxing the body. To supple her skin and toned body she dances, cycle and do yoga.

• Sridevi: Late Sridevi, looks like a Diva even at her big age. She keeps low makeup and take a well-balanced diet.

For skin: She use rose water and glycerine on her face to have a fresh look. She uses fruit packs and eat home cooked food and drinks a lot of water. She avoids oily and junk food and takes variety if fruits and vegetables.

Exercise: She does power yoga on regular basis and play tennis with her both daughters.

• Rekha: Evergreen timeless beauty, Rekha follow some simple beauty tips to look what she is.

For skin: She use cleanser, toner and moisturizer for her skin and relies on spa treatment and aromatherapy. She drinks 10-12 glasses of water everyday. She is pure vegetarian actress, avoids junk, fried and over cooked food. And also, she eats fruits and nuts.

Exercise: Fir her fitness, Rekha do yoga, meditation and dance. And basically, do household chores and gardening.

• Madhuri Dixit: Dhak Dhak fame, Madhuri Dixit, believes in a healthy lifestyle. She takes a good amount of sleep for youthful look.

For skin: She use home-based face pack to nourish her skin. Besan, honey, lemon juice and cucumber dipped in milk, is her face pack which she applies. She washes her face twice a day and apply serum, for her glowing skin.

Diet and exercise: She take five or six meals a day. Consumes fruits and vegetables and stay away from unhealthy food. To remain fit, she dances thrice a week, which she loves the most and rest two days she do cardio and yoga.

• Juhi Chawla: The actresses well known for her smile, Juhi Chawla, is very pretty because of her daily beauty routine.

For skin: She never sleeps before removing her makeup. She uses baby oil to remove her makeup.

Diet and exercise: She start her day with lemon juice and honey and drinks six to eight glasses of water. She avoids spicy follow and believe to eat baked and boiled food. For body, she meditates and do yoga and takes a brisk walk for half hour on treadmill.

• Katrina Kaif: The actress which is known for her natural beauty is Katrina Kaif. She is known for minimal makeup.

For skin: For her glowing skin, she opts for clay mask, which controls excessive sebum production.

• Ananya Pandey: The newcomer in Bollywood, Ananya Pandey, always carry a rose spray with her.

For skin: She spritz rose water at regular intervals of time. She applies face pack which is a great exfoliator, it
consists of turmeric, yogurt and honey. This face lack helps to get rid of dirt and impurities.

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