From Hospital to UN: Malvika Iyer is an Epitome of Hope and Courage

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Malvika Iyer

The only disability in life is a bad attitude Scott Hamilton

The world famous skater and Olympic Gold Medalist for the United States, has exhibited the entire misconception of disability in a less than 10 words. To be honest, the challenge of disability can be won over with right determination, courage and a passion to inspire the people all around.

Who knows it better than our very own Dr. Malvika Iyer. She is a PhD scholar, motivational speaker and social activist, and often represents India at prestigious forums like TeDx Talk shows and the United Nations. She exudes motivation and inspiration every time she steps on to the stage to deliver a speech.

Malvika’s Journey wasn’t so easy!

The 26th May, 2002, will continue to remain as the most unfortunate day in little Malvika’s life. A 13-year-old girl didn’t know she would lose both of her hands too soon due to an explosion.

According to Malvika, she tried to stick torn jean pocket with fevicol. Soon, she picked an innocuous looking object to apply pressure to the edges of her pocket. Little she knew that it was a bomb, and then it exploded.
Time stood still 1.15 Pm Malvika’s life was changed forever. Her body system stopped functioning, and her parents quickly rushed her to a nearby hospital. Later on, Malvika spent a lot of months on hospital bed completely oblivious of what was going to happen to her.

Finally, after spending 18 painful months in hospital, Malvika was out sans her hands both of them were amputated. But she vowed to fight back. She appeared for her board exam, and miraculously achieved 483 out of 500 making her top ranked in the state. It was just the beginning, she was about to accomplish many more successes in due course of time.

When Malvika Won an Epic Battle against Disability

One of her achievements include meeting up with former President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. She was especially invited to meet the Missile Man in New Delhi. Thereafter, Malvika pursued +2 and Graduation with an Economics honors degree. Rather than keeping herself stuck in house, Malvika started interacting with more and more people that infuse a fresh zeal and enthusiasm inside her to do something bigger in life.

Literally, there was no stopping for Malvika

She studied and studied more. Today, she is a proud PhD scholar and world renowned motivational speaker. She tours across the world and participates in a number of inspirational chat shows that encourages people to fight back against all odds in life in adverse circumstances.

Malvika summed up her journey in just a few words, Opportunities are there for every one of us. Don’t give in. Fight and you will survive. Hats off Malvika, more power to you.

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