A Blind Entrepreneur Building a Vision of India

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Blind Entrepreneur

Being blind is not a sign of weakness but an insignia of hope, determination and to do something extraordinary in life. Just look at Jaipur-lad Prateek Agarwal, he is doing something exemplary day in and day out. He manages an empire of IT company with close to 100 employees.

Prateek Agarwal, who could only see black and white due to eyesight loss actually communicate with clients and customers using specialized devices and JAWS Software on smartphone and office computers. For Prateek, entrepreneurship was a necessity. Though, he has a graduate degree in computer science from NIIT University, Neemrana yet Prateek plunged into entrepreneurship to rekindle his life and others as well with hope, optimism and passion.

Prateek’s Entrepreneruship Journey was a Race against Time

Reminiscing about his college days, Prateek remarked that how he stood top at campus recruitment exams. However, corporate houses eventually didn’t select him at final round owing to his disability. It left him shocked and stunned in those days but he had some other plans in his mind.

These things built Prateek stronger than before. These things made him more determined, passionate and confident. Instead of staying disappointed, Prateek soon registered Daedal Technovations with the authority to begin an inspiring journey that made him a “True Youth Icon” in reality.

Just like other businesses, Prateek too struggled a lot in the initial days. He went door to door from one shop to another to introduce his software to them. But most of the people didn’t enter into any contract with Prateek due to latter’s disability.

Prateek’s hardwork eventually paid off. Soon, he got a few clients who were interested in Prateek’s innovative softwares. These were the stepping stones and gradually, Prateek concentrated more on his foreign clients from various parts of the globe including the US, UK, Germany, Australia and South Asia as well. Prateek’s Daedal Technovations offers services like Security consultancy, software application development, SEO, SMO and many more.

Nothing Succeeds Like Success

It is only because of Prateek’s self-belief, conviction, courage and never-give-up attitude that made him a young and successful entrepreneur overcoming all odds of life. He continued his education through Braille script and now gives an employment to a lot of young people at his office.

Despite his personal disability due to retina detachment, Prateek has showed us the right path to how to overcome adversities of life in a remarkable way and transform one’s biggest weakness into an opportunity. Now, he imparts several life skills and motivating capabilities to individuals and corporate alike. He is also working towards educating the visually impaired people around us by imparting them necessary computer skills.

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