45 years Old father rapes 17 year old mentally ill daughter, killed her after impregnating her

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Crime Against Children

A shameful incident happened in Kota (Raj.), where a father raped her daughter several times, impregnate her and kill her. A Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) court in Kota on 21st January, Tuesday, sentenced a 45 years old man accused of rape and murder of his mentally ill daughter to death. The father worked as a security guard at a warehouse in the city. Mother ran a tea stall outside the warehouse with the help of couple’s minor son.

The father himself lodged a report at Nayapura police station on the day she was killed, alleging that when he returned home in the evening, he found his daughter dead, the public prosecutor said. Based on his complaint, police filed a case against unidentified persons and initiated an investigation. After the postmortem report revealed the pregnancy, the police collected DNA samples which confirmed that the accused had fathered the fetus. The victim was four months pregnant when she was killed.

The statement of mother corroborates police’s theory as she said her husband had been raping their daughter for long which resulted in her pregnancy. A special court on Rajasthan Kota awarded death penalty to man for repeatedly raping and impregnating his 17 years old mentally ill daughter. Also imposed a fine of Rs.20,000 on the convict.

What a shameful incident is this? How can a father do such type of crime with his own daughter? And how can a mother be quiet for so long? If mother had taken steps earlier than her daughter can be saved. What kind of society are we living in, where a girl is not safe in her home even by her father….?

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