Finally Nirbhaya Gets Justice after 7 long Years as all 4 Convicts Hanged to Death in Tihar Jail

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Nirbhaya Case

The four men convicted for the gang raping and murdering a 23-year-old medical student, in a moving bus in Delhi in December 2012, finally hanged at 5:30 am at Delhi’s Tihar Jail.

The four convicts were hanged together at 5:30am and a doctor has examined and declared all four dead,” confirmed Sandeep Goel, Director-General of Tihar Jail.

After the death the bodies of convicts get Postpartum under the supervision of Dr. B.N.Mishra at 8 a.m. After postpartum the bodies will be given to the respective families.

Convicts had not expressed any ‘last wish’, and their money they earned during stay in the jail and their belongings will be handed over to their family members, an official informed.

Convicts tried a lot to save themselves, but no avail. The first death warrant was issued for January 22 at 7am inside Tihar Jail, but the convicts went on pleading. Second death warrant for execution was 17 February, but it got postponed as one of the convict’s mercy plea was decided by the President. Third death warrant was executed for March 3, but due to some reasons it also fails. Finally, on March 5 the Delhi court issued the latest death warrants on March 20 at 5:30 a.m. inside the Tihar Jail.

And finally, the convicts got hanged and are dead.

Today the whole nation is very happy, because after a long period of 7 years, Nirbhaya get Justice.After the dead of four convicts, Nirbhaya’s father Badrinath Singh said that this day is for women of the country. Nirbhaya’s mother, Asha Devi heaved a sigh of relief, hugged her loved ones, held back her tears and with a voice heavy with emotions said that the sun has raised and finally there are new Hope’s for daughter of India.

It’s good to know that Nirbhaya get justice after a long battle, but government should make some strict rules, so that rapist should think before doing rape.

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