3 Ways to Become A Life Grinder and Find Success

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One word that is used a lot today among hustlers and entrepreneurs is the idea of ‘grinding’. We use the phrase to describe an intense amount of time working hard at something, or putting in the work long after what is expected. However, what many people don’t realize is that there are two different types of ‘grinders’ and that one, a life grinder, is much more effective for completing long-term goals.

Motivational Youtube sensation Eric Thomas, briefly mentions the two types of Grinders in his weekly series Thank God its Monday (TGIM). However, the descriptions of both of these are summarized below.

Goal Grinders put their nose to the ground until they lose those 10 pounds, or make the grade, or whatever label they have put on themselves. However, they give up after accomplishing said goal. They revert back to who they were before. It becomes a net loss of accomplishment. According to ET, they ‘lie about the grind’.

Life Grinders keep on grinding after they meet their goal. For example, after they run a marathon the first time, they keep on running marathons. Life Grinders understand that goals are only milestones towards excellence, so they keep going. They truly never give up in their lifetime. They make success a habit. They are always gaining and learning from their past; whether it be success or failure.

So you may be asking: How do I become a Life Grinder? Here are 3 ways to do just that:

1. Work steady

Do something every day that gets you closer to your goal. Even if it is just something small, you’re still doing something more than you were doing before. Ultimately, that’s what matters. Read a chapter of that book about starting a business. Run a couple of miles in the morning. Don’t eat dessert that day. But at least do something EVERY DAY.

2. Work hard

Whatever small thing you do, put 120% effort into it. If you don’t put your heart into that thing you care about so much then what’s the point? You have to focus on that thing you do each day toward your goals. The hardest thing about this work, however, is having the patience to wait and see the results of your hard work.

3. Work forward

No matter what small goals you achieve, there is always something more you can do when it comes to accomplishing your goals. Don’t let the success of your small goals blind you from continuing on to working forward. If you are able to run a half-marathon, whats to stop you from running a full one? Able to start a successful small business? Why not try to expand? Stop smoking for a week? Why not a whole month?

These steps may appear to be simple and straight forward, but the key thing is discipline and intent. I know you got this, you know you got this, so make it happen.

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