Zoom Platform is Not Safe to Use says “The Ministry of Home Affairs”

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Zoom App

As we got to know that ‘The Ministry of Home Affairs’ India advised that Zoom is not a safe platform.Zoom is a popular videoconferencing platform.

After the lockdown, the Zoom application goes to the top. As we have seen Zoom application widely used by the companies for their meetings with the employees, teaching in schools, Education tutors and many more.

All of them had shown very high trust on this application and are using this application from long time. Zoom is a Chinese application and now MHA had advised its an insecure platform, the cyber criminals can leak a lot of information related to meetings and conversations.

All the users are suggested by Minister to set strong passwords and to avoid personal meeting IDs and use random generated meetings IDs and not to share the link at any public platform. Enable waiting room so that user can enter only when the host conduct admits the person to enter into meeting.

Citizen lab, university of Toronto found that Zoom’s privacy encryption is weak and found risky to use.Now the question is arising, Why Ministers are so late to announce this? As they know that peoples are using this application from long time.

Why there is no sincerity towards general public? Action should have taken earlier; they have some responsibilities towards general public.

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