Young boy molests a minor girl, pulled her hair and banged her head to the terrace bricks

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Young Boy Molest a Minor Girl

A minor girl in Nalasopara got friends with a 20 yrs old youth of her building. The friendship increased with time and got into a regular interaction mode of frequent messages on the social hands and WhatsApp. They both stayed in the same building and shook hands and they cross each other paths.

This regular messaging was just a fun and play for the minor girl, however, the boy had some other plans in mind and was taking the friendly conversation on some other track.

On one Sunday, the boy invited the girl to meet her on their building terrace. As they both stayed in the same building, it was convenient to meet on the terrace. However, the time of the meeting was at 8:45 pm on a Sunday night, with itself was quite suspicious and questionable. However, as the girl reached there, the boy started to touch her inappropriately and then forced himself upon her.As she refused, he got aggressive and started beating. her.

His anger did not subside at this, he pulled her around with her hair and then banged her head on the terrace brick wall. After doing this, he ran away from the spot with the mobile of the minor girl. The girl is hospitalised for her injuries on her neck, head, forehead, arms, and face. The FIR is launch for the accused and a search warrant is issued.

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