Xiaomi to launch a complete rollable, double fold phone with 5 camera’s

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Xiaomi Foldable

In the competition to Samsung and Huawei who have lately launched a foldable device, Xiaomi is in the to test the waters of the same. Samsung’s latest foldable device is selling a sky-high price of 1.65 Lakhs in India, whereas Huawei has kept its folding device limited to the Chinese market and hasn’t opened the product launch in other countries yet.

Xiaomi’s Company President Lin Bin recent share on social media the images of the new double foldable device and the brand has already patented the design to avoid any other competitor from copying it.

However, the mobile companies put forth and patent a lot of designs before launch and not all the designs get successfully launched. However, patenting the design is necessary and the first step towards killing competition. Most of the times these smartphone companies float the design in the market on social media to test the demand and fan following of the design by the consumers.

Xiaomi’s new design shows a double folding panel giving it a complete rollable look and 5 cameras that will pop up based on the direction the mobile is held and folded. These many cameras can be utilities for many kinds of different photography activities including vlogging crazy amognst the youth lately. If Xiaomi is successful in the launch of this device, it will be the world’s first double folding smart phone with 5 cameras, making a record in itself.

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