Women killed by Husband for not been able to bear a child….Are women safe???

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Having a child is considered blissful. However, if a couple can’t bear one, is it the wife to be blamed. Here we see a case of a husband killing her wife for not been able to bear a child and for marital dissatisfaction. The couple could have adopted a child or could have cordially separated and moved on to live a happier life by themselves. Why is crime against women on a rise. Are we literate only on papers and mental sick and disturbed??? Is respecting Women a big challenge in India for Indian Man??? Come forward and give us your poll below.

A resident of Raval Camp, Antop hill, Mumbai, Mr. Naresh Sabharwal use to have regular arguments and quarrels with his wife. He seemed completely dissatisfied with his marital relationship and often blamed his wife for not been able to bear a child.

The relation had grown stale and had become a burden for Mr. Naresh Sabharwal. Supriya Sabharwal was 34 years old and their relation was 8 Yrs old by now. Mr. Naresh Sabharwal is currently behind the bars and it took mumbai Police about a month to resolve the entire murder mystery. The post mortem report and the parental family of Supriya helped the police to solve the case.

On April 7th, at 8.15 PM, Police had recovered Supriya’s body from Sabharwal’s Antop hill home. He called up the police to check on his wife who happened to lock herself inside the bedroom after a heated argument with her husband, as narrated by him. He also mentioned that she had not come out from long and the door is locked. Police broke up the bedroom door to see her hanging to death from the ceiling fan. Immediately, Supriya’s body was send for post mortem report and her parental family kept telling the police that she would never commit suicide. As the post mortem reported showed no signs of death by hanging, the suicide story came to an end and police start the investigation. They successfully managed to get the suspecting evidence of Supriya been forcefully strangled to death and now her Husband is behind the bars.

The cases of women harassment and crime against women seem to be rise year by year.

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