Vaccinations During Pregnancy

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Vaccination During Pregnancy

A vaccination is a dose that contains some drug which helps you and your baby from certain diseases.During pregnancy, these vaccinations save you and your fetus inside your womb from many diseases. But be sure that you are taking the vaccination on time.

Pregnant women should consult a Doctor during pregnancy about which vaccination she needs and most important when? If you are allergic to any drug then you should tell your doctor earlier before getting vaccinated, otherwise, it could harm you as well as your baby.

Many pregnant women take stress about the safety of vaccines but let us know that all the vaccinations are safe. FDA and CDA test the safety of each vaccine before in use.

The following are the vaccinations you should give to women during pregnancy who are at high risk of infection

• Tdap vaccine: Tdap is vaccinated from 26 to 36 weeks of pregnancy. It helps the baby from whooping cough. If you are not injected with this vaccine during pregnancy you should get your baby is injected immediately after the birth.

• Flu shot: If your pregnancy period is in the season of flu when you should get vaccinated with a flu shot. This section prevents the mother from a serious illness in the pregnancy.

If your doctor think you are at higher risk of infection then he may suggest you some vaccination like

Hepatitis A and B

Hepatitis B is given when your doctor thinks you are at a higher risk of infection and the test gets negative. At that time doctor suggest this vaccination to avoid any infection in you as well as your baby In the future.

If you are traveling outside your country during pregnancy then you should consult your doctor before you go. Because there is a high risk of infection while traveling during pregnancy so your doctor may suggest you some following by vaccines

• Anthrax: it is a very rare disease and is found in soil. It is not passed from person to person but if you are infected by this, then you can become seriously sick.

• Smallpox (Vaccinia): it is a disease which causes by virus and can spread from person to person. If you are not exposed to smallpox then you are not in the need to get vaccinated.

• Typhoid: It is the most common disease in the world. You can get infected through food and water. You should contact in the early stage to avoid severe problems. In case of a severe problem, you can suffer internal bleeding too.

If you are vaccinated with BCG for TB, HPV, MMR, or Zoster before your pregnancy, you should tell your doctor.

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