Try These Summer Makeup Looks to Nail Your Instagram Posts

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Sunny Leone Hot Pics

Most of us hate summers for the sweaty mess that it turns us into. And, who can blame us! You must be spending all your summer months trapped inside a room with the A/C on and a chilled glass of fruit juice in your hands. (Sigh!)

Do you feel like doing nothing? We do too! But, just as we were trying to get back to our burrows for a long hibernation (okay, a nap), these makeup looks popped up on our screens, and we couldn’t wait to share them with you.

Bored during the quarantine and have nothing to do? Bring out that old makeup kit and let us tell you how you can reuse your old makeup buddies in a trendy way. You would be surprised that your makeup essentials could be so versatile. Excited? So are we, let’s go!

1. Blushed Neutrals

Okay, so you might have heard of the neutral makeup look that is all about choosing lipstick in a shade darker than your skin. But, hold up! Don’t limit yourself to those boring cocoa and nude lipstick shades. Introducing the blushed neutral palette, it’s still about the nude makeup look but, with a hint of rose.

Reusing Your Old Stuff:

Apply that nude lipstick that you never bothered to use and finish it with a single coat of your favorite pink lipstick. (Thank us later.)

2. Artsy Eyeliner

No, we’re not doing winged eyeliner anymore. If you’re done with those dramatic winged liners, here’s an over-dramatic trend for you! Trust us, you’ll love it.

Reusing Your Old Stuff:

Take that eyeliner and draw curves just below the brow bone. If you have small eyes, it will accentuate them. You can also get creative and experiment with different shapes and colors.

3. Alert! Hot Pink Lips Ahead

Winters were spent putting dark, boring, and earthy colors on your pouts. So, this summer you can go all-in with fuchsia or shocking pink. Don’t be scared. You’ll look drop-dead gorgeous with it.

Reusing Your Old Stuff:

Wondering what to do if you don’t have fuchsia? Try mixing red, pink, and a bit of blue (Use that eye shadow if you have to) and there you go!

4. Feathery Brows, Anyone ?

Ditch those brow pencils and welcome home brow gels! Brushing up your brows with a little bit of tinted brow gel will give it that much-needed volume and featheriness.

Reusing Old Stuff:

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t have a brow gel. Take a teaspoon of aloe Vera gel (No kidding here!) and mix some powdered brow pencil bits into it to make your DIY brow gel at home.

5. Honeydew Skin

This is a trend that has been ruling our hearts for a long time. If you want a flawless, dewy, and glossy skin, this is your thing.

Reusing Old Stuff:

Use your makeup brush to dust some highlighter powder on your cheekbones, forehead, and nose-bridge. The result would leave you stunned.

These makeup trends are both easy and alluring. Rush to the mirror now and try these awesome looks to amaze your friends on social media.

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