Tips to wear Perfect Skirt according to your figure

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Midi skirts, maxi skirts and minis are not only summer staples, but they are also a versatile item in your wardrobe. Dress them up with a blouse and heels or dress them down with a white tee and a pair of flats and you are ready to rock.

Let’s end your quest for the perfect skirts today with some simple tips. That said, don’t shy away from skirts because you think they are only reserved for stick-thin models. Read on and get ready to get your twirl on!

Banana shape

Your body is more or less the same width from your chest to your hips; with very little curve would be a banana shape. Most skirts look great on this body type and you can create an illusion of curves too. Find a structured mini that hits right above your hips and curves out slightly.

Apple shape

If you have a wide chest and narrow hips, balance your curvier upper-half with the less curvy bottom with a flowy skirt that clinches at the waist.

Pear shape

If your hips are the curviest part of your body and your waist small, draw eyes towards your waist by choosing a high-waisted A-line style skirt that hits right around your knees to elongate your frame.

Hourglass figure

If your waist is the smallest part of your body, you are a lucky one. Flaunt that figure with a hugging pencil skirt that hits right above the knees, tuck in your top for a chic look. A high-waisted A-line skirt is also flattering for this body type.

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