Tips to file your nails at home without going to Salons

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Certain people excel at specific things for a reason, or else we would all basically be out of jobs, right? Not intending to take any jobs away from manicurists and pedicurists at salons, we are curious to know how to correctly file our nails. While we’re never going to stop going to the professionals for these things, we do have times when we’re in a crunch and we have to do our nails ourselves. So here goes – we’re hoping to upgrade our nail filing skills to passable at least, with these tips.

Hold your nail file at an angle for the smoothest edges

We bet, like us, you’ve been filing your nails all wrong till now – holding the nail file straight up perpendicular to your nail. What you should be doing though, is holding your nail file at an angle to your nail to get the smoothest, most even edge.

Don’t force your nails into an unnatural shape

While we all want to be able to try those experimental stiletto nail shapes at least once, the best tip to remember is to stick to the natural shape of your nail. Find the shape of your cuticle line and try to match that while filing your nails for the best looking manicure you’ve ever had!

Face your nails inward while filing for best results

All of us commonly probably hold our hands with open palms spread out, facing away from us, while filing our nails. The actual way to file our nails is with our nails facing inwards towards us to better be able to control the way you’re shaping them.

Don’t keep going back and forth while filing

The worst technique we’re all guilty of using is going from one edge of our nail to the other, filing back and forth, and then wondering why our nails break and look like crap. The right way to do it is to file from one edge to the center, and then from the opposite edge to the center, where you then smoothen the shape.

Get rid of those pesky nail feathers with this motion

You’ve all probably had those flimsy, fibre-esque parts of your nail left on while filing, and getting rid of them can often spoil the nail shape you’ve already established. But sticking your nail file under the nail and moving it upwards in a flicking motion can help get rid of those pesky feathers.

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