Tips for Stronger and Healthier Nails

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Tips for Strong and Healthier Nails

Your nails speak a lot about your health. They define our hands and beautify them. When your nails look healthy and have a natural glow to them, you feel like you’re on top of the world. No kidding here, a good set of nails can make you feel like you can rule the world! This obsession with nails has been rightly picked up by industrialists who have built a giant industry on nail products. ‘One last nail polish,’ you promise yourself but end up picking dozens more. The barrage of nail products that you apply on your nails can take a toll on its health and prevent them from growing properly. Apart from that, dietary deficiencies also cause nails to chip, break, and become yellow.

Let’s look at some reasons why nails can become unhealthy:

• A poor diet that lacks essential nutrients can be a significant cause of unhealthy nails
• Repeatedly using nail polishes on your nails can make them thin and brittle
• Applying acetic acid-based remover can also damage the nails
• If you use additional pressure on your nails, they might break or start peeling off

Signs of unhealthy nails:

• Brittle nail plates that start chipping at the edges
• Lack of a smooth surface or presence of vertical grooves
• Visible dark spots or discolouration
• It is peeling off
• Yellowed nails

How to get healthy nails?

Now that you have identified the signs and cause of unhealthy nails, here’s how you can combat it

1. Take Supplements

Dietary deficiencies can cause your nails to become brittle, dull, and yellow. Taking supplements like biotin or vitamin complexes can boost healthy nail growth and prevent your nails from breaking.

2. Drink Water

Your nails have 19% water. This water level is crucial to maintain the healthy structure of nails. Drink at least 4 litre of water every day to keep your nails supple and smooth.

3. Improve your Diet

Make sure that you include food rich in essential nutrients like iron, zinc, and calcium that will promote the healthy growth of your nails. If you have trouble determining how much you should eat, consult a dietician.

4. Stop Using Nail Products

Give your nails a break from the repeated torture. Nail polishes and other beauty products have harmful chemicals that will make your nails unhealthy and brittle. If you have to use them, try buying the ones that have minerals in them.

5. Trim Your Nails

Keeping your nails short will allow them to grow well. Shorter nails are healthier because they have lesser chances of breaking. Use a good nail cutter and trim your fingernails often.

6. Use Moisturizer

Apply moisturizer on your hands and nails regularly to keep them hydrated. You can opt for tea-tree based moisturizers or use pure olive oil to moisturize your nails.

Use these simple tips to get the nails you have always wanted. Making these small changes in your lifestyle and habits will go a long way in ensuring that your nails remain healthy.

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