The Secret Behind Longer Eyelashes

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Beautiful Eyelashes

Long eyelashes are a big thing now. From celebrities to your next-door-neighbor, everyone is donning the long-lashes look. So, why should you be behind? Don’t start crying, thinking of your short or stubby lashes. There are plenty of options for people having short lashes. First of all, you have extensions. But, they are super heavy and can make your eyes hurt. Moreover, the glue in extensions can harm your eyes. You will be doing a lot of damage to your lashes if you keep using extensions.

Next, we have mascara – the makeup product that you can’t see, but adds volumes to your lashes. And girls, you already know what mascara can do when things go wrong. Try crying after applying mascara. You might end up looking like a raccoon (sigh!)

So, should you forget about having long lashes? Of course, not! You haven’t yet thought about the most effective way to grow lashes – naturally! There is nothing better than a pair of naturally long lashes. They enhance your facial features and add length to your eyes. It is entirely possible to grow your lashes longer than they are currently. Here’s how you can take your lashes to the next level.

• Eyelash Serum

You put tons of serum on your face, why should your eyes be any different? We understand, eyelash serums might seem weird or risky, but you have to try it to know what we are talking about. Look for serums having a blend of vitamin B5, peptides, and natural extracts. They will strengthen your lashes and hydrate them. The primary reason for thin eyelashes is breakage. If you hydrate your lashes properly, you will see less damage. Also, some serums swell your lashes and make them look naturally thicker. Have patience and apply them religiously for the best results.

• Natural Oils

There are glands under your eyelids that secrete oil and sebum to hydrate your lashes. When these oils are produced in less quantity, your lashes become dry and brittle. To restore the natural hydration of your lashes, you need to compensate for the lost oils. Natural oils like castor and olive oil can work wonders. Take a clear glass bottle. Mix castor and olive oil in 2:1 ratio and give it a good shake. Take an old mascara wand, clean it, and use it to apply the oil onto your eyelashes. You will start noticing the results within 2 to 3 weeks. You can also buy vitamin E oil from any drugstore and apply it to your eyelashes.

• Use Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly has a lot of minerals and vitamins that can strengthen your lashes. The thick, rich, and creamy texture of the jelly will restore the natural moisture levels in your eyelashes and make them look plump.
Eyes speak volumes, and with long and beautiful lashes, you can express yourself effortlessly to the world.

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