The Brave Hearted Mothers of Pulwama CRPF Soldiers are Ready to Sacrifice more Sons for the Security of the Nation

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Pulwama Attack

As the mothers of these 40 CRPF Soldier talk to the reporter wiping their tears that rolled down as they spoke of their sons, they still have the sentiments to give away more sons for serving the nation.

The patriotism is engraved so deep that these mothers, are thinking of putting their other sons in CRPF to ensure that the masses of the nation are safe and the borders of the nation are looked up by they brave sons. These are the families of soldiers which have not just given their sons but have their forefathers served the country before their sons.
Pulwama Attack
Patriotism runs in their blood for generation and they cannot compromise on the safety of the nation, despite the immense loss they have and understand the risk that they might have to face ahead with the other man of their family joining the armed force.

The sentiment of grief and sorrow with the mortal’s family makes them more stronger to serve our nations. They are unshakable and headon to fight and flex their muscle strength to protect and fight for the nation.

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