The 18-Year-Old Arsh Shah Dilbagi Discovers a Special App that Talks through Breath

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Panipat Boy

The Panipat wonder boy Arsh Shah Dilbagi is in the news for all the good reasons. Yes, the 18-year-old is now going viral on social and mainstream media as well for his awesome discovery that is nothing short of a miracle for debilitating patients who lost all their abilities to talk.

Hailing from a very humble Haryanvi family, once Arsh wanted to buy Playstation a few years back but his parents refused as the gadget was priced very high that time.

However, Arsh’s insistence on getting a play station didn’t stop. He in fact, asked his parents to buy him a sensor, robotic kit and controllers so that he could make his own Playstation.

When Arsh Created his Own Playstation

When his parents gave him the spare parts, rather amused Arsh immediately stayed awake till late night to make the device by himself without any one’s help. This incident left an indelible mark in the minds of little Arsh that since then his interest in creating newer gadgets and devices for social causes developed more.

Recalling those days, Arsh stated that his frequent travels and desire to make new things from a scratch brought him into the world of innovation and robotics.

And look at him today – Arsh developed Talk – world’s first interactive device or App that translates human breath into electric signals and then convert the same into meaningful words. It facilitates proper communication among the people who are unable to speak including dumb, disabled, paralytic and stroke patients.

Inspiration behind Inventing Talk

Arsh felt that “Talk” was the only device that could help the hapless patients and their loved ones to communicate with each other constantly until the patient’s last breath.

Basically, TALK refers to an alternative communication device for people suffering from some sort of disabilities that snatched away all their strength to talk.

The gadget converts electrical signals transmitted through breath and respiratory process into meaningful sentences using Microphone. The signals are classified as ‘Dots’ and ‘Dashes’ for short and longer exhales respectively.

Further synthesizing of these signals can be converted to Morse Codes for easier interpretation. The device comes with nine in-built different voices and accents in English. As of now, Talk device supports English only, but gradually it is expected that this App will support other Indian languages as well too soon.

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