Symptoms, Causes & Treatment of Rapid Mood Swings

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Mood Swings

Does your mood changes rapidly and intensely? You are not alone in this situation. There are many other, who are going through the same situation.

We can define mood swing as roller coaster of feelings. Mood swing change feelings of happiness and contentment to anger, anxiety and depression. Everyone in life experiences mood swing, but if this interfere your daily life, you should consult the doctor.

Causes of Mood Swing

1. PREGNANCY: A pregnant woman often experience many physical and emotional changes, which causes mood swing. Also, change in hormones gives stress and mood swing.
2. LAKE OF SLEEP: If you are not taking proper sleep, it may cause mood swing. Sleep is very important to maintain a good health. Improper sleep can also cause stress level high.
3. MENOPAUSE: At a particular age, the level of estrogen falls down, and women experience many changes. Change in mood, insomnia and reduced in sex desires are some symptoms, which can be caused due to menopause.
4. PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME: Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) occurs 1 or 2 weeks before periods. 90 % of women experience PMS, which can lead to depression, bloating, mood swing and many more. 1 or 2 days after periods , these shifts becomes normal.
5. STRESS: Stress is an important factor of mood swing. Today’s life is very hectic and busy, one takes a lot of stress. Stress can even trouble sleeping, due to which person gets irritate and hence, mood swing occur.

6. EXCESSIVE USE OF CAFFEINE: Caffeine attack nervous system and brain, which leaves you feels exhausted and low in mood. Although caffeine is beneficial to reduce stress and depression. But, if taken in excess it harms brain, which lower down your mental health, and hence cause mood swing.
7. PSYCHIATRIC CAUSE: The person with bipolar disorder, depression or any other psychological disorder, mostly affected by mood swing.

How can Mood Swing be treated?

• Take a proper, healthy and balanced diet.
• Do things which makes you happy.
• Take at least 7-8 hours sleep daily.
• If you have any psychiatrist issue, consult doctor as soon as possible.
• Join any yoga classes or meditate, to reduce your stress.
• Quit smoke, if you are a smoker.
• Consume less coffee and soda
• Hydrate your body proper, by taking fresh fruit juices.
• Add organic veggies in our diet.
• Consume pure water and green tea.
• Try to avoid junk and oily food.
• Take green leafy vegetables more, if boost the mental functions.
• Express yourself, do something creative to express yourself.
• Talk to the person, you love to talk.
• Surprise your near and dear ones, it gives you a happy feel.

Mood swing, should never be a part of your life. It should not affect your quality time. Stay happy and healthy!

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