Suchi Mukherjee, Established Limeroad with a Innovative Scrapbook for its Clientele

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Suchi Mukherjee

Suchi`s success story started back in 2012, when she set the first stone of her online shopping portal by the name of limeroad. She was amongst the 15 women voted for ‘Rising Talent – Global Leaders Under 40’ at the World Women’s Forum in Paris in 2010. That was for her contributions in scaling businesses encircling consumer technology.

From someone to flip pages of magazines, glaring at the amazing brands and collections for women to a women to establish her own online setup needs a big transformation of mindset. From inception to getting your dream executed is a huge task, and which is thankless, until you have made your mark in the society.

She got her education in Maths and Economics from Cambridge, and later, Finance and Economics from the London School of Economics. Soon after she completed her Master’s degree, Suchi started her career.

At the age of 25, she started working at Lehman Brothers Inc. as a Senior Associate for Corporate Finance.From there, Suchi navigated to Virgin Media in 2003 as a director for Change and Business Development. A couple of years there and a jump to join eBay, just transformed her career to a great extent and that was the stage of her dream conceptualisation. Here on her career road shaped for Limeroad. Things were not smooth, but dreams had the energy to motivate her to keep going.

Working in an authoritative position that involved quick, analytical decision making, she was nurturing an entrepreneur in her head. Tough to realize at first, her routine, work pattern and environment inspired her to conceive thoughts in a rather progressive manner every time she takes a driving seat. This where Suchi identified an opportunity to proliferate in a market where there was a dire need of dedicated women portal to discover affordable accessories and products. Understanding women and her needs, she knew that women love to explore options prior to zero down her selection. She had a unique concept of adding a scrapbook to her portal, which enabled the clienteles to put up their feedback, review, experiences and maintain complete transparency of the products available online.

It was her understanding of the business that led her to go to the root of the problem – product discovery. Moreover, she found that Jewellery and watches make up for a good amount of market share total market followed by apparel. 21% of manufacturing of lifestyle products originated from India. Her motto was not just just give a open and transparent platform to the buyers but also a platform to the sellers who are otherwise, not capable to connect with the online market. There were plenty of unrecognized vendors who were not able to put their stuff across their targeted users. This stands true for those who even had the potential to export the products. She was successful in identifying the right balance between the supplies and demands. That’s when she decided to fly back to India and work on it.

Suchi won the award of Women of the Year by Digital Business by INFOCOM in 2015. Later in 2016, she received the NDTV Unicorn Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Today, Limeroad aims to reach out to more than 400 Million mobile users, 40-50% of which are women. You can see many portals open and close down with a span of time, but to get a brand all it needs to stand by it although and put in continuous efforts. This is when the world may question on the potential of your brand and your capabilities. However continuous market study, innovation and presence in the competition can take you way ahead in the league.

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