Stephen Hawking: The Voice of the Voiceless Etched his ideals in Our Hearts Forever

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Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking fought two victorious wars simultaneously. First, he had to incessantly wage a war against his own debilitating condition due to ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and then, he has to prove the world about the relevance of Big Bang Theory, Black Hole and several other burning issues relating to space and cosmology.

In a nutshell, Stephen Hawking was the real hero. He was the hero of the global science fraternity as well as the voice of the disabled people worldwide. The Oxford-born theoretician physicist will be always remembered for his strong determination to overcome all odds and obstacles of life in an invincible manner.

Unfortunately, the great scientist breathed his last on 14th March, 2018 in Cambridge (UK) but by then he has successfully etched his loving face, demeanor and intellect in our hearts in perpetuity. The grandeur of the Nobel Prize in Physics always eluded him in his lifetime, but Stephen Hawking stood tall becoming far greater than the honor itself!

A Paean of Praise for the Great Stephen Hawking

1) A Great Sense of Humor

A person, who has literally lost his ability to smile stretching facial muscles, taught us how to grin even in times of adversity. Stephen’s colleagues have disclosed to the media after his unfortunate demise that the legendary scientist was a man of great humor. He often cracked jokes with his friends using voice synthesizer.

2) He was No Einstein

It would be totally unfair to compare two great scientists of different eras. Even Professor Hawking strongly reacted when any resemblance was drawn between him and Einstein. Stephen Hawking could only say “the person making the comparison, neither knows me nor Einstein well”.

3) Black Holes are Not Blacks

Scientifically, Stephen Hawking proved that Black Holes were not Black. He discovered how these holes carry enormous amount of energy and radiation within themselves. He further enunciated the theory of “Hawking Escapes”, which means not everything, gets sucked into a black hole, but some energy in the form of radiation also goes out!

4) More than a Nobel Prize

Stephen Hawking’s life journey proved that ability to inspire and motivate the world is far more valuable than winning accolades like the Nobel Prize. Today, you might not be able to recall the names top Nobel Laureates who inspired you more than Hawking!

Indeed, Hawking’s brilliance was the way how he simplified complex topics like Black Hole & Big Bang Theory in simplified language in his Magnum Opus “A Brief History of Time”.

Stephen Hawking is Everyone’s Favorite

When doctors suggested that Hawking won’t survive more than two years after his diagnosis of ALS, he went into the dark tunnels of depression and hopelessness. But he was no ordinary man. He was Stephen Hawking.

He fought back hard against his physical inability and went on to become “the legend” very soon. Regarding his disability, Hawking once remarked, “When you know death is imminent, then you realize the true value of life and count the things that you wish to complete at the soonest”.

Crossing all frontiers of human imaginations, Stephen Hawking eventually emerged out as a winner. He started propounding great thoughts backed up by solid scientific explanations of the same. However, he left much of these subjects for other scientists to unravel using proper mathematical expression and formulae that he couldn’t do due to his physical incapability.

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