Starving Immigrant eats dead dog on the street, video goes viral

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Dead Dog

One video went viral on social media which showed a starving immigrant eating a dead dog on streets in Jaipur. This article can be shocking, sensitive people are requested not to see the video, embedded in this article. This video is so shocking and represents the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown and the financial crisis that has started choking the breath of daily wages and millions of daily workers.

The despair of the immigrants has become so worse, that they are left with nothing to survive. So it is a request to all our readers to share this article to the maximum, in order to make it more viral and reach out to the top authorities. The government and state authorities are making humungous arrangements of meals for the needy, however, there still seems to be a geographical gap and ineffective communication system on the available facilities. Most of the immigrants are cut off from the authorities due to incapability to recharge their mobiles, misleading communication from the surrounding illiterates, and spreading rumours are adding to their plight. It has been repetitively appealed to all to not pass any rumours and refer only to relevant media channels. However, the poor illiterate migrate is confused about the situation and waiting for the relief, as he waits completely cut off from all, with no penny in hand.

In this video, the man asked the person sitting on the road about the reason for eating the dead dog? Asks him if he has some money? Advised him not to eat such stuff? He also suggested him to come at the edge of the road and seem to have offered him some good food.

Through this article it is also clear that it is also our moral responsibility to help and support every needy that we come across and this way we can contribute in the best way possible.

It is the time for social distancing, but emotional compassion, closeness and support without coming physically close to anyone. With such a large geographic area to support and huge population to serve, the citizens have to actively come ahead to offer help, keep social distancing and other hygiene norms in mind.

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