Sri Lankan Cricket Hero Dimuth Karunaratne arrested in Drink and Drive Case

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Dimuth karunaratne

The Sri lanka cricket Hero, Dimuth Karunaratne arrest on sunday for disobeying laws. He is arrested Sunday morning for drink & driving in Colombo on Sunday morning after he was involved in an accident that put the motorist of a three-wheeler in hospital. According to police, the injured driver has sustained only minor injuries, however the accident is a disobey of law as Dimuth was drunk and has to be arrested considering this fact.

As this accident occured, Karunaratne was taken into custody at early morning at 5:40am Sri Lanka time on Sunday in the Borella neighbourhood. He is expected to appear in court some time this week – perhaps as early as Monday.

This accident might have caused the victim few injuries, but in long run the wounds will be seen on Dimuth’s cricket career. Karunaratne not only led Sri Lanka to an outstanding Test series win in South Africa in February, he was also being talked about by the national selectors as Sri Lanka’s prospective World Cup captain. Discipline is a key for the player to see their careers blossom in the right direction. If they player himself is not disciplined it speaks alot about the team and the country by large as a cricket player carries a big responsibility when he represents his nation. Any small incident can cause malicious impact on public image. So far, Karunaratne has been clean in lot of other controversies that can up in the sri lankan cricket time. However, this incident can defame him largely.

Beyond the immediate consequences of the accident, particularly with regards to the condition of the injured driver, the arrest may also have professional ramifications for Karunaratne is said by few. This could also be a plotting to defame him and will be investigated to the core. Sri Lanka Cricket is likely to await further details, but may impose its own sanctions, depending on the outcome of court proceedings. In a press release the SLC said it will “follow the due process as per Karunaratne’s ‘Player Contractual Obligation’ and conduct an inquiry in order to take necessary action.”

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