Some Fitness Hacks To Stay Fit Like Sonam Kapoor

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Sonam Kapoor Fitness

To get a toned body is everyone’s dream but to have this is not easy a lot of workout is to be done. The famous diva of Bollywood Sonam Kapoor is very famous for her fitness. Before debut in the movies she used to be so fatty. She had worked so hard for her fitness and now the result is in front of us.

Nothing can be achieved easily to achieve any goal you have to work hard. The Bollywood Diva Sonam Kapoor is well known for her weight loss journey. Before debuting in her first movie SAWARIYA, she was overweight. It is very hard to believe about Sonam Kapoor that she was a very big foodie at the time of her boarding in the Singapore for the two years. She always thinks about the food each and every time. So, it was a very big challenge for her to lose weight. I am for her fitness and becomes of fitness freak and left all the food which she loves and the result we know.
Sonam Kapoor’s Desire was so strong that she completed her weight loss journey. To achieve the dream, one should have faith in own.

The following are the things which Sonam Kapoor do for achieving the dream fitness

• She never repeats the same workout
• She performs cardio 3 times a week
• She focuses on a particular body part for a day and just concentrate on the same as abs, chest, shoulder, arms,
thighs, etc
• Han usual workouts includes jumping, burpee, jogging, jumping jacks, and neck exercise
• In the summer she goes for swimming as much as possible
• Squash and basketball are her favourite games
• She believes that iif you can’t go to gym daily then at least perform 30 minutes of any physical exercise daily
• She performs cardiovascular exercises for some days of the week
• She performs dance exercise twice a week which she learnt from Ashely Lobo
• She also loves to do Bharat Thakur power yoga for two days a week
• She also performs Pilates three times a week

All of the above are the fitness Secrets of the Bollywood Diva Sonam Kapoor. Other than this she was very strict for her diet, and today also she is very strict about her fitness and diet.

So gorgeous ladies and girls if you also want to look like they were just set a goal and aim to complete it. You can also follow Sonam Kapoor’s fitness secret to have a toned body by following a combination of different workouts on the different days of the week and also follow some diet recommended from a fitness trainer.

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