Skin Care to Keep it Cute and Healthy

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When we think about the skin, more than once we reduce its care to the aesthetic, but to maintain a fresh and healthy face we have to go beyond what is seen and be methodical in some daily habits. In this way, from the balance between health and beauty, we will find in the mirror the best version of ourselves. It is not difficult: you just have to incorporate certain routines, which do not take more than fifteen minutes a day. We share some tips for skin care to receive summer with your face and body ready to enjoy the sun.

How to care for the skin

Dermatologists maintain that a daily cleaning, but gentle, and good moisturizing care are the axes to keep your skin healthy . Chosen to adapt to your specific skin type, skin care products can protect against aggressive external influences, such as the sun, hot and cold climates, and air pollution

In addition, they help calm irritated skin, restore it to a healthy state and prevent the appearance of skin diseases, such as acne

Whether your skin is normal, dry or extra dry, we tell you the keys to take care of your skin, avoid dryness and tightness and delay aging . There are many natural products, such as almond oil , aloe vera, and coconut oil , that can help you by spending little or nothing so everytime you buy them make sure to use Amazon promotional codes to get maximum savings.

Tips to take care of the skin

Skin care is always comprehensive, from the inside out. According to specialists, “the skin is a reflection of how we are on a physical and spiritual level.” Therefore, many of our daily actions can affect the health or appearance of the skin. Some keys:

Not smoking, drinking plenty of fluids and protecting the skin from the sun are three pillars of a healthy dermis.
You are what you eat: eat well. Eating a healthy diet is essential; If your diet is based on fast food, sugars and fats, it will affect your skin. It is best to include antioxidant-rich foods in our diet, such as seeds (flax and sunflower), fruits (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and plums), tomatoes and red bell peppers, sweet potatoes, yogurt, salmon and spinach.

Rest: you have to sleep between 7 and 8 hours a day, since it is the time the body needs to recover from the activities carried out during the day. In addition to recharging energy and repairing muscles, sleep repairs and creates new tissues and cells. That is why when sleep time is reduced, both in quality and quantity, the skin suffers.

Drink plenty of water : it is essential for health. You have to take at least two liters a day. In addition to being refreshing, it provides moisture to the skin, which prevents wrinkles and sagging.

Get rid of the stress! It is bad for health in all planes, but, in the specific case of the skin, it can make it look dull, dry and wrinkled. Relaxing turns us on and illuminates us.

Exercise: Regular exercise nourishes the skin with oxygen, while perspiring helps flush toxins. You can read:
Trampoline exercises to have fun and be fit .

Spend more time outdoors : if there is one thing that is not healthy for your skin, it is living locked up at home or in the office. Pure air and vitamin D from the sun are keys to healthy skin.

Facial cleansing

Careful cleansing is the first step to effective skin care. Cleaning removes dirt, sweat, sebum and makeup and prepares the skin for care. In addition, clean skin has a greater ability to absorb the active components of care products.

The skin of the face must be sanitized in the morning and at night. The skin produces sebum as it regenerates during sleep. Cleaning every morning removes this sebum and ensures that the skin is ready for daycare (you can see: What is micellar water: how to use it and what for ).

At the end of the day, before going to sleep, you must also leave your skin clean of toxins. What you need to do is wash it, using fresh water or a cleansing cream and, at least once a week, exfoliate the skin to remove impurities and oiliness.

With these simple steps you will achieve a fresher, more natural skin, free of wrinkles or pimples. There are many products for daily hygiene, from makeup remover wipes, through creams, water and neutral soap, to micellar water, among other things.

The power of hydration

After cleaning it is time to pamper the skin. The first step is to moisturize. Always hydrate! Don’t wait for the effects of dehydration to be visible. As in the rest of the body, the presence of water is an essential condition for showing healthy and healthy skin. Not all skins are the same, nor does each area of ​​the body have the same characteristics, so they require specific hydration. Some advices:

It is advisable to take care of the skin’s moisture and help it recover from permanent exposure to external factors, such as drastic changes in temperature, prolonged contact with water and chlorine, among others.

Dehydrated skin becomes dull, inflexible and partly loses its ability to function as a protective barrier against different external factors. The function of moisturizing products is to restore the skin to its correct functionality and appearance .

It is key to keep in mind that good hydration is sectorized: the skin of each area of ​​the body has special characteristics, which are given by genetics and by the degree of exposure to the environment they suffer. Therefore, it is essential to consider how, when and where to focus the wetting to achieve optimal results.

In turn, identify your skin type: moisturization varies according to the trend and the skin of each one. Learn how to moisturize it according to your type:

Normal skin : what is required in this type of skin is only to maintain and protect your health. That is, nothing more than passive hydration is needed. But that does not mean that it is not useful to help her with some moisturizers with aloe vera, with vitamin E and / or vitamin A.

Dry or extra dry skin: the sensitive skin or dry skin is a very common condition that can occur in chronic or transient form. It appears rough, scaly, and mild or intense flaking states may appear that alter its normal appearance, showing it to be worn, polished and rough to the touch. The most effective way to improve dry skin is, first, to detect the cause that causes it to avoid it. Then, the use of creams and emulsions is key. Remember to apply the emulsion twice a day, to provide the skin with the necessary lipids and retain water, avoiding dehydration.

Tips for healthy skin

Use creams : do not see it as a luxury, but as a necessity. The skin needs creams or lotions that must be used daily. Each skin type and each age have special needs.

I nourished the skin: after cleaning it, it is necessary to nourish the skin and, for this, it is best to apply, once or twice a week, a mask rich in antioxidants, which will help to combat free radicals and minimize the harmful effects of external factors. You can see skin masks at Deciem The Ordinary

Use good makeup products: Following the latest makeup trends is a good feminine hobby, but don’t wear anything. Invest in quality products to take care of your skin while you get pretty. You can read tips on how to get prettier.

Use sunscreen: A little sun is good for health, since it increases the production of vitamin D and adds a little colour to the face. However, excessive and unprotected exposure is a great risk that is preferable not to run. It is key to use sunscreen against UVA and UVB rays every day, no matter if it is winter or cloudy. And the most important thing is to avoid sunbathing in the most dangerous hours.


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