Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

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Symptoms of Pregnancy

Pregnancy tests and ultrasound are the ways to confirm the pregnancy. Lady opts for a pregnancy test or ultrasound once she missed her periods. It is considered that the missed period is the earliest sign of pregnancy. But there are some more signs of pregnancy before the missed period.

Sometimes there is no sign of symptom. But there are some natural signs and symptoms knowing which you can feel that you are pregnant. The symptoms vary with every other person.

The symptoms usually starting from the 1st week of your menstrual period. Isn’t it shocking? But it’s TRUE, the symptoms of pregnancy starts from the 1st week of your last menstrual period.


SPOTTING: Light spotting is the earliest sign of pregnancy. Spotting occurs from 10-14 days of your last menstrual period. This spotting is just present while wiping. The colour may vary from person to person like pink, red, or brown. But not all women’s experience spotting.

MISSED PERIOD: Missing period is one of the most important symptoms of pregnancy. If you have regular periods and your periods are delayed then just go for the pregnancy test and if it comes positive then consult the doctor for parental care. This symptom may mislead in the case of an irregular period.

BREAST TENDERNESS: You can feel the change in your breast from 4-6 weeks. Breast become sensitive and sore. The areola area becomes darker and grows larger. Although it becomes normal as the time increases.

FATIGUE: Fatigue means feeling tired, exhausted, or sleepy. In the first trimester of pregnancy, progesterone level makes you feel sleepy.

HIGH BODY TEMPERATURE: Some ladies experience high temperatures in the early time of pregnancy. Keeping the temperature cool in your room makes you feel relaxed.

HIGH HEART RATE: Due to hormonal changes and increased blood flow, the heart can be pumping faster. It’s very normal. But if it gets severe, immediately consult the doctor for low dosages of medicines.

MORNING SICKNESS: By the name morning sickness, one can think of a disease that occurs in the morning. But this is false, it can occur at any time of the whole day like in the morning or in the night. Some women experience morning sickness in the early time, while some never experience the same.

FREQUENT URINATION: Hormones play a large role in bladder health. Kidney process more fluid than earlier in the case of pregnancy and hence you have to run to the bathroom more frequently.

MOOD SWING: Hormonal changes cause mood swings. You may experience emotional, sad, and even feel to cry. All this is because of mood swings.

FOOD LIKES AND DISLIKES: Due to hormonal imbalance, your taste buds get change. Even you dislike some food odors and taste, which you previously like.

The symptoms vary from person to person. For your happy pregnancy, you should stay happy, and positive. Taking stress may affect you as well as your baby’s health, therefore stay stress-free and have a happy pregnancy.

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